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Servicing your regulator

Keeping your regulator serviced at the recommended intervals is not just a good practice—it’s essential for your safety and the longevity of your dive gear.

Top 10 Dive Computers of 2024: Navigating the Depths with Precision and Ease

Dive Right In Scuba is your trusted partner in underwater adventure, bringing you the latest and greatest in dive computer technology for 2024. With advancements in usability, functionality, and design, this year’s top 10 dive computers offer something for every diver, from the novice explorer to the seasoned tech diver.

Navigating the Depths: A Comprehensive Guide to Technical Scuba Diving Fins

In the world of technical scuba diving, where precision and efficiency are paramount, selecting the right fins can make all the difference. From navigating challenging underwater environments to conserving energy on extended dives, the choice of fins can significantly impact your underwater experience.

Best Diving Destinations to Use Your Scuba Equipment

Top Diving Destinations

Exploring the depths of the ocean is a captivating adventure that unveils an enchanting world of vibrant marine life, stunning coral reefs, and mesmerizing underwater landscapes. Yet with all that beauty, Dive Right In Scuba has compiled a list of the best diving destinations to use your scuba equipment.  For avid scuba enthusiasts, being beneath […]

Top Scuba Diving Equipment at DRIS Dive Shop

DRIS Diving Equipment

Call us biased, but scuba diving is one of the most exciting activities anyone can take part in. In order for you to have the best scuba diving experience possible, having both appropriate and high-quality scuba diving equipment can make a huge difference.

At Dive Right In Scuba, we are committed to providing the best service and scuba dive gear possible because we believe everyone should like scuba diving as much as we do. In this blog, we’ll answer your top scuba diving equipment questions and provide a look at our top dive gear for you!

Which Drysuit Undergarment Material Is Best For Me?

Drysuit Undergarment

Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of drysuits and accessories as well as our relationships with drysuit manufacturers. With this in mind, it is no secret that we take care of a good amount of drysuit customers. Most of those customers are buying their first drysuit and are often suffering from the initial sticker shock of the cost of their new drysuit. Hey, we understand…a good quality drysuit isn’t something that comes cheap. So, oftentimes our first time drysuit customers take it like a punch in the gut(or wallet…you choose) when we start the discussion of undergarments. Well, just about every suit will require a quality drysuit undergarment and(trust us on this) the cost of the suit, undergarment, and accessories will seem but a distant memory when you take that first drysuit dive in total comfort. With all of that in mind, what drysuit material is best for you? That depends on your personal preferences and types of water you normally dive in. In our normal spirit of being helpful, allow us to hit the high points of each type…trust us we’ll be quick so you can get back to diving.

What Drysuit Material Is The Best For You?

Drysuit Materials. Drysuit Undergarments

In the quest for a better and dry dive experience I have seen many divers wring their hands and obsess over what material their shiny new drysuit should be. In my efforts to attempt to guide them towards the best personal solution for them I often ask a number of questions. With the answers to questions like what temperature they will be diving in, will they travel extensively, personal dive habits, and sometimes embarrassing…their tendency to gain or lose weight. Most drysuit customers I assist often find the answer to their drysuit dilemma somewhere in the responses to these questions. To that end, let’s take a look at the main types of drysuit materials and their benefits as well as drawbacks.

BCD’s Demystified. What Buoyancy Control Device to Choose?

You’ve been diving for a while and either own a buoyancy control device(BCD) or have exhausted all of your possible rental options and are ready for a new rig. Where do you start? Of course as you begin your search for the perfect BCD for you, confusion quickly mounts. With the many options of BCD’s on the market, they can be simplified into three main categories with each possessing their own attributes. So, with that in mind let’s talk about the three main categories and attributes of each.

Why Buy A Drysuit From Us Online?

In all of our years of selling drysuits, one question that resonates is “Why should I buy a drysuit online?” Well, we understand your apprehensiveness at making such a large purchase without being able to touch, gaze at, or try one on. We understand that you would probably feel more comfortable walking into a dive shop and physically speaking to a sales person and walking out with a new drysuit in hand. So the question remains, despite of this why have hundreds of divers purchased their drysuits from us? How were we able to put the perfect suit for that diver in their hands from so many miles away? Well, the answer boils down to a few simple factors that I will discuss further. Now, let’s answer the question as to how we do it!

Popular Dive Gear Spotlight – The1K Shorty Dive Light

One thing I can tell you about myself is that I have been a dive equipment nerd. From the day I walked into my local dive shop to sign my wife and myself up for our basic open water course. While waiting for the instructor to retrieve my textbooks from the back of the shop. I marveled at all of the shiny underwater exploration equipment in the cases and on the racks. Fast forward many years later, this has not changed. This is of course one of the cool things about working at DRIS, getting to check out all of the equipment that comes into the back door of the warehouse here. Like I have said in previous articles, my colleagues around the shop tend to roll their eyes when I start checking out a new piece of equipment. This time around I picked up the DRIS Dive Gear 1k Shorty Dive Light to check out.