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DRIS: The Industry Leader in Scuba Diving Services

DRIS - The Industry Leader for Scuba Diving Services and Diving Equipment

When it comes to scuba diving services and diving equipment, one name shines above the rest – Dive Right In Scuba. While it can be easy to say this, at DRIS we firmly believe we have put in the hard work behind this statement to make it true. DRIS is the industry leader for scuba […]

Scuba Diving Lessons, Scuba Certification Classes, And More!

DRIS - The Industry Leader for Scuba Diving Services and Diving Equipment

While Dive Right In Scuba is known for our amazing selection of scuba diving gear, let’s not put the horse before the cart. Knowing how to scuba dive properly through scuba diving lessons, scuba certification classes, and swimming classes are the key to having a safe and successful dive every time.

While having the correct gear is important, having the proper knowledge of diving underwater is equally as crucial! So we’ve created a helpful guide for professionals and beginners alike to see the various scuba diving classes, swim classes, scuba certifications, and other diving and swimming services DRIS has to offer.

Basic Underwater photography

Everybody’s a photographer these days, thanks to digital technology, greater accessibility to gear and training. That being said, you can definitely stand out from the crowd with outstanding underwater photos. Over the next few weeks, we will go over a few tips and tricks to help you come up with that perfect frame and composition.

In this article, we will cover the basics and assume that you know the basics of diving.

Dive Boat Etiquette

Anyone gaining dive experience and have any plans on doing any diving outside the local quarry know that having a knowledge dive boat etiquette is a crucial topic. With that in mind here’s a simple list of “rules of the road” for diving off of boats. Of course this list may very well depend on where in the world you dive.

3 Ways to be a Safer Diver in 2017

Learn To Dive

Whew, 2016 was surely a year for the books! I’m sure that quite a few of us are really looking forward to the new year. Of course, we all have to make it through the calorie laden holiday season first before we start to really dig into our new year’s resolutions. As divers, most of […]

The Air Down There-A Guide To Analyzing Your SCUBA Gas

Scuba Tanks

The sport of scuba diving has always attracted the adventurous and casual vacationer alike. Given that it is a sport that delves into alien environments that require life support, it’s track record for safety is unparalleled. Of course, the exemplary safety record that the sport enjoys does come with a few caveats. First being that […]

5 Dive Gear Essentials For Safe Divers

Picture of Diver Using Drysuit and Drysuit Undergarment Materials

We see you, we’ve been there…you recently got certified as an open water SCUBA diver and are pulling the plastic off of that shiny new set of dive equipment. Yeah, all of us here at DRIS are also active divers and have been there. It’s a pretty cool feeling huh? Well, before you strap that […]

5 Reasons You Should Take a Night Diver Course

  Are you considering adding some training to your dive experience? If you’re like most divers, you surely are. With that in mind, what courses should you take? Certainly, course like nitrox, navigation, and rescue diver are always good ones to pursue. However, there is one course that is overlooked by most divers that provides […]

5 SCUBA Certifications That You Should Really Have

New Divers

In my time as a diver and my tenure working here at Dive Right In Scuba, there is one question that I get regularly when discussing training with a diver. It is the question of what SCUBA certifications should a diver get? Well, I will start by saying that I’ve never been a “card collector” […]

When Analyzing for CO Hits Home, By-Michael Angelo Gagliardi

I am writing this account of my own accord in hope that it is of service to the cave diving community. I have the full approval of the dive shop’s owner to write this account. A medical professional I am not; I am an artist and a cave diver.  It is my intention to present […]