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Call us biased, but scuba diving is one of the most exciting activities anyone can take part in. In order for you to have the best scuba diving experience possible, having both appropriate and high-quality scuba diving equipment can make a huge difference.

At Dive Right In Scuba, we are committed to providing the best service and scuba dive gear possible because we believe everyone should like scuba diving as much as we do. In this blog, we’ll answer your top scuba diving equipment questions and provide a look at our top dive gear for you!

What Scuba Diving Gear Do I Need?

Scuba Diving GearJust like our drysuits, the answer to this question isn’t one size fits all! In order to properly understand what dive gear DRIS should provide for you, consider these important factors:

1. What is your scuba diving experience level?

Before recommending any specific scuba gear, it’s important to understand the individual’s experience level. Someone who is just starting out will have different diving equipment needs than someone who is more experienced or familiar with various scuba gear.

2. What type of diving will you be doing with your scuba gear?

Different types of diving will require different types of scuba equipment. For example, cold water diving will require thicker wetsuits, while cave diving may require additional safety scuba gear. At DRIS, we can provide diving equipment for snorkeling, free diving, technical diving, public safety diving, open-water diving, and more!

3. What key diving equipment features are you looking for?

In order to properly recommend scuba diving gear, it’s important to know what benefits you’re looking for to successfully match you to the right scuba gear brand or diving equipment. Again, this can depend on your experience level, diving type, and even your scuba diving location. Regardless of the variables, DRIS is happy to help find the right diving equipment for you!

What Are The Best Scuba Diving Equipment Brands?

At DRIS, quality is not lost with quantity. While we offer an extensive range of scuba gear and other related products, all of our scuba diving equipment and accessories are chosen from the best brands in the diving industry.

The top scuba diving equipment brands that DRIS has to offer include (but are not limited to):

While diving is incredibly fun, being underwater at increased depths has its challenges and must be taken very seriously. If you’re familiar with scuba diving gear, you know how having high-quality scuba gear on hand allows you to feel more at ease underwater.

Fortunately, these top scuba diving equipment brands offer great products to keep scuba diving safe. No matter which brand you choose, investing in quality scuba diving equipment is essential for an enjoyable diving experience. See our full list of scuba brands to make your selection easier or get in touch with a store rep to find the scuba diving equipment you are looking for!

The Top Diving Equipment and Accessories at DRIS

Scuba Diving Equipment BrandsIf you’re a scuba diver, you know that having the right scuba diving equipment and accessories can make all the difference. From high-quality wetsuits to reliable dive computers, there are endless options to choose from.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of our top diving equipment for you! We’re more than just a top-rated dive shop. DRIS has the highest level of PADI certification in the country, a 5-star CDC rating, and the highest level of SDI training with a 5-star PDC certification.

We are proud to offer our dive family a wide range of diving gear and accessories for all levels. Whether you’re dipping your toes in for the first time or you’re a seasoned professional, at Dive Right In Scuba has everything you need to take your diving to the next level.

Find Dry Suits and Dry Suit Accessories

Stay safe, dive for longer, and most importantly, do it dry! With our top-of-the-line exposure scuba gear, you can do it all. With a range of drysuit diving equipment, DRIS can offer full-body drysuits, drysuit gloves, drysuit hoods, and drysuit boots.

Not sure which material options you should choose for your drysuit. Don’t worry, our friendly team of dive experts would be happy to help pick which drysuit material is best for you.

We also should mention that we have the industry’s first lifetime drysuit warranty. So you’ll never need to worry about having a wet dive again!

Get Top Quality Buoyancy Control Devices

In order to enjoy your diving experience, having greater control and stability in the water through your BCD is critical. Have a problem with a buoyancy control device you currently own? We can repair it for you!

Need Diving Harnesses?

If you’re looking at buoyancy control devices, chances are you’re going to need a diving harness and dive wings as well. This will allow you to comfortably carry your scuba tank gear, while also decreasing drag in the water so you can swim for longer!

Check Out Our Rebreathers

Scuba Diving SuppliesWhile all scuba gear is important, rebreathers take priority. Overall, rebreathers are important for scuba diving because they allow for longer dives, provide a more efficient diving approach, and allow you to stay safe if an emergency gas supply failure occurs.

Other Popular Dive Gear and Accessories

While dry suits, BCDs, rebreathers, and diving harnesses are some of the most important items you will need in your diving equipment arsenal, don’t forget about these other awesome products!

Regardless of your experience with diving, we hope that when you’re in the water, you choose a top diving equipment product from our dive equipment shop.

Looking To Save On Scuba Diving Equipment? Check Out Our Used Gear

Many people have a negative perception of scuba diving due to how expensive diving equipment can be. At DRIS, we want to make this amazing hobby accessible to all which is why at our dive shop we offer used gear in our diving gear selection. Shop in-store or online!

The brands we choose are meant to last and be a worthwhile investment. While we are always happy to accept used equipment back, this also allows these high-quality pieces to get a second chance at adventure – and so do you! Our used gear offers affordable options, especially on Black Friday when we have our used gear sale. Make sure to mark your calendars now!

Searching for “A Dive Shop Near Me?” Choose DRIS!

While our extensive scuba diving equipment selection is curated with our clients in mind, our commitment to our customers extends way beyond the water.

While our personal experience with diving is at a professional level, we understand not everyone is knowledgeable about what diving equipment, scuba supplies, or other dive gear would be best for them. Our outstanding customer service representatives are available to help suit up for your next scuba adventure.

With multiple locations, DRIS is happy to support all Illinois diving equipment enthusiasts. Whether in one of our store locations or online, Dive Right In Scuba offers 24/7 support for new diving products or repairing your favorite dive gear. Our live representatives can’t wait to help you choose from the best selection of scuba diving equipment!

From drysuits to rebreathers, snorkeling dive gear, and more, Dive Right In Scuba is the best dive shop for all your scuba diving equipment needs. Get in touch with us today to get your scuba dive gear order started now!