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Can’t SCUBA Dive? Get Fit For When you Can!

Diver Certification

If you’re like most divers, your SCUBA dive season comes to a screeching halt right about the time the kid’s Halloween Candy starts running out. After that comes turkey, holiday parties, cookies, and ham. At that point you still have a few good months before you can once again dig out that dive equipment for another glorious season of underwater adventures. So, what do you do in that off time? While you can surf the various scuba forums out there, visit your local dive shop, and dream about new equipment on the Internet…there’s even more you can do to ensure your next dive season is nothing short of amazing. What is it you can do? Well, let me give you a hint…it involves getting off the couch! Yep, I’m talking about getting yourself moving. While I’ve traditionally been a big fan of weightlifting and strength sports. I am also guilty of settling in on the couch for a good Netflix binge while the white stuff falls outside. I know that throwing on the workout gear is a must do. So, let’s take a look at some fun stuff to do to avoid huffing and puffing when you do once again don your dive rig shall we?

7 Reasons Why A Proper Drysuit Undergarment Is So Important

Technical Sidemount

In our day to day interactions with customers here at Dive Right In Scuba, we often receive questions and inquiries about drysuit undergarments and what they can use as an undergarment. While we stress the importance of the proper undergarment for the specific water temperature they will be diving in, it oftentimes seems like an […]

Get Your Wetsuit Body Ready, Dive Season Is Coming!

Dive Fitness

As I wipe the crumbs from the last of the Girl Scout cookies off of my keyboard and flowers are beginning to bloom, let’s dive(no pun intended) into a quick discussion about fitness for diving. While there are some who are lucky enough to have a year round dive season, most of us have a […]

Man Made Fish Habitats-Is Your Public Safety Team Ready?

fish habitat

It’s a calm, cool spring Indiana night on a 3,200 acre lake during the 35th annual midnight fishing tournament when a report comes in that a contestant has fallen out of his boat half way across the lake and has not resurfaced.  The lake manager calls 911 and the Dive Team responds, it’s 2:00am.  As […]

Time To Keep Your SCUBA Skills Current

The snow is piling up on your back deck, your driveway is like an ice rink, and the kids school has been cancelled because of inclement weather for 3 days now. It seems like your SCUBA skills would be the last thing you think of this time of the year, but nothing could be further […]

Dive Season Over? Time To Take A Look At Your Equipment!

The leaves are changing, the morning air has a chill to it, kids are back in school, and coffee shops are selling pumpkin spice lattes. For most people these are the signs of fall, for many of us as divers it signals that dive season is coming to a close. If you’re anything like I […]

Solo Certification or Not?

Over the past number of years an increasing number of SCUBA training agencies have adopted curriculum and certifications for divers who wish to dive alone. Whether they are termed “solo diver” or “self reliant diver” courses, the aim is the same…to be proficient enough to safely dive without a buddy. This trend hasn’t been without […]

Welcome to the Dive Right In Scuba Blog!

Welcome, fellow divers! Over the years of our existence, we have tried to serve you to the best of our abilities, and we hope we have succeeded at that mission. The Dive Right In Scuba Blog is yet another way to reach out to our community, exchange ideas and information and help give you the […]