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In all of our years of selling drysuits, one question that resonates is “Why should I buy a drysuit online?” Well, we understand your apprehensiveness at making such a large purchase without being able to touch, gaze at, or try one on. We understand that you would probably feel more comfortable walking into a dive shop and physically speaking to a sales person and walking out with a new drysuit in hand. So the question remains, despite of this why have hundreds of divers purchased their drysuits from us? How were we able to put the perfect suit for that diver in their hands from so many miles away? Well, the answer boils down to a few simple factors that I will discuss further. Now, let’s answer the question as to how we do it!


Service And Selection


While it is true that many of our customers simply pick out a suit from our vast selection on our website, click their size from the drop down box and place their order….most drysuit buyers expect and require a higher level of service. This higher level of service is where the team at DRIS truly shines. It starts with a customer contacting us with a desire to buy a drysuit, but they don’t know what they want, what size, or what accessories they need. At this point we jump into high gear by taking the time to communicate with the customer about what type of diving they do, what their must haves are, and their experience. This along with a simple friendly conversation gives us a great deal of information on what to recommend for the customer. The only difference is we’re communicating via phone, chat, email, or even Skype. With over 15 different drysuit manufacturers calling DRIS a partner we can get you what you want…not just what we can sell you and get you out the door! When the customer has decided on what suit they would like we then talk them step by step through the measurement and sizing process ensuring that their suit will fit perfectly right out of the box. When the customer is properly sized up we then discuss any custom options and accessories needed. With this information, we begin the process of getting the suit into the customers hands. Whether it is a suit we have in stock that we can simply box up and send, a custom order from the manufacturer, or a stock suit we need to add options to, care is taken every step of the way.


Beyond The Drysuit Sale


Our service doesn’t stop when the customer gets their new suit, we follow up with the customer to ensure that they truly love their new suit. If not we use our strong relationships with manufacturers, our experienced service and repair department and even no hassle return and exchange policy to make it perfect. To sum it up, our job isn’t done until you have the best drysuit you could possibly have. We’re even there to help you years down the road with our industry first drysuit warranties and second to none service and repair facility.


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So, when you need a drysuit give us a shot. We have the experience and relationships that go beyond most local dive shops. The only difference is the method of communication! We want to be your local dive shop…no matter where you are.