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What Drysuit Material Is The Best For You?

Drysuit Materials. Drysuit Undergarments

In the quest for a better and dry dive experience I have seen many divers wring their hands and obsess over what material their shiny new drysuit should be. In my efforts to attempt to guide them towards the best personal solution for them I often ask a number of questions. With the answers to questions like what temperature they will be diving in, will they travel extensively, personal dive habits, and sometimes embarrassing…their tendency to gain or lose weight. Most drysuit customers I assist often find the answer to their drysuit dilemma somewhere in the responses to these questions. To that end, let’s take a look at the main types of drysuit materials and their benefits as well as drawbacks.

Why Buy A Drysuit From Us Online?

In all of our years of selling drysuits, one question that resonates is “Why should I buy a drysuit online?” Well, we understand your apprehensiveness at making such a large purchase without being able to touch, gaze at, or try one on. We understand that you would probably feel more comfortable walking into a dive shop and physically speaking to a sales person and walking out with a new drysuit in hand. So the question remains, despite of this why have hundreds of divers purchased their drysuits from us? How were we able to put the perfect suit for that diver in their hands from so many miles away? Well, the answer boils down to a few simple factors that I will discuss further. Now, let’s answer the question as to how we do it!

Our Top 3 Customer Drysuit Questions Answered!

Drysuit Questions

Purchasing a drysuit is perhaps the most significant investment you will make during your diving career. The team here at Dive Right In Scuba recognizes this and has taken great pride over the years in our efforts to help you make the right choice for your personal diving enjoyment. In the spirit of our efforts to make the purchase of a drysuit a painless experience we have picked out some of the most common questions we get. Of course, if you have other questions…we’re available to help!

Dry Suit Ownership, What Are The Costs?

The purchase of a drysuit is without a doubt a significant investment in your personal dive equipment. Of course, with that cost comes the benefit of a more comfortable dive experience and a drastically extended dive season. Once you purchase your drysuit, the time comes to consider the ongoing costs of ownership and usage as drysuits, unlike wetsuits require ongoing upkeep. So, what are these costs? How does a diver go about maintaining a solid and functional drysuit without draining the wallet? Well, let’s take a look at some of these costs and ways to reduce them.

Product Spotlight-The Hollis BTR 500 Drysuit

Hollis BTR 500

Being situated where we are in the Midwest and just off the coast of Lake Michigan, the crew here at DRIS find the use of a drysuit for diving to be a necessity. With that, over the years we have become industry experts in drysuits and the accessories that go along with them. We love […]

Custom Fit Or Off The Rack Drysuit?

Custom Drysuit

Many divers in their quest for the perfect drysuit often spend hours scouring online stores, visit their local dive shops, and make their eyes go crossed looking at the small print of various size charts put out by the many manufacturers of these gems of cold water diving. These divers then will figure out what […]

Should You Take A Drysuit Course?

Drysuit Course

With so many dive specialty courses being offered nowadays, it is often confusing to a diver on whether or not taking a specialty course will help their diving or simply be a waste of time and money. There is no one single specialty where this rings truer than the decision of whether or not to […]

Is It Time To Replace That Old Wetsuit?

Replace That Wetsuit

Most often divers overlook the need to replace their wetsuit when getting equipment ready for a new dive trip or season. The common thinking is that if it isn’t ripped or has huge gaping holes in it that it’s still in condition to be used for effective exposure protection. Of course, there is more to […]

Crank Up The Heat…In Your Drysuit

If you’ve been diving in a drysuit as long as I have, you probably remember heading to the army surplus store for those fleece pajamas to wear with the discount store sweat suit under your drysuit. Of course, times and technology have changed and we now actually have dedicated undergarments for use when diving dry, […]

You Bought A Drysuit, Now What?

So after all the hand wringing, convincing the spouse, rolling your spare change, online shopping, and surfing the message boards you finally pulled the trigger on a nice new drysuit. Now what do you do? Despite the initial investment, just buying a drysuit isn’t quite the end of the story. Making the investment in proper […]