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Today I want to talk to you about one our most popular dive gear products, the 1K Shorty Dive Light. One thing I can tell you about myself is that I have been a dive equipment nerd. From the day I walked into my local dive shop to sign my wife and myself up for our basic open water course. While waiting for the instructor to retrieve my textbooks from the back of the shop. I marveled at all of the shiny underwater exploration equipment in the cases and on the racks.

Fast forward many years later, and this has not changed. This is of course one of the cool things about working at DRIS, getting to check out all of the equipment that comes into the back door of the warehouse here. Like I have said in previous articles, my colleagues around the shop tend to roll their eyes when I start checking out a new piece of equipment. This time around I picked up the DRIS Dive Gear 1k Shorty Dive Light to check out.

Dynamite Comes In Small Packages – The 1k Shorty Dive Light is Just That!

I remember hearing this quote when I was a kid, when I picked up the 1k Shorty Dive Light this statement came rushing back into my memory. Packing a bright punch of 1000 lumens for up to one hour this little light rivals some of the big boys with respect to sheer illuminating power. Whether exploring dark quarries, enjoying a night dive, or delving into the cavern zone the 1k shorty dive light will surely light the way for an amazing dive adventure!

1k Shorty Dive LightPowered by 3 AA batteries, the 1k Shorty needs no external charger(unless you decide to use rechargeable batteries). So between dives, just pop in some new power cells, take a relaxing surface interval, and dive right in for round 2(or 3 or 4). In addition, the 1k Shorty features an 9-degree beam, perfect for signaling a dive buddy or illuminating a hole, passage, or underwater critter!

No Cheap Components Used on this Dive Light

When the big bosses seek out manufacturers for our signature line, they only go with builders that share the DRIS vision for quality and excellence. The 1k Shorty is no different! With a solid and robust construction of aircraft grade aluminum, you might scratch it but you won’t break it! With the triple o-ring design, the chances of flooding the 1k Shorty are almost non existent.

Pair this bad boy with our goodman handle and you have a hands-free dive lighting solution. That will even make the technical divers on your adventure envious! Need to use the 1k Shorty above the water? Go ahead! With the built-in overload circuitry, you can even use this on the surface, and the light will automatically dim to help prevent damage to the LED.

With Or Without The Dive Gear Warranty!

Included in the affordable 60 dollar price tag is our 30 day dive gear warranty backed by our no hassle return/exchange policy! Get the light and don’t like it before you get it in the water? No problem we’ll take it off your hands and refund your payment. Get it in the water within the first 30 days and it doesn’t work for some reason? No sweat, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer an extended 1 year warranty on the 1000 Lumen Dive Light for an additional 25 dollars. Yes, that means for 85.00 you can get this powerhouse AND a 1 year warranty!

Choose Your Local Dive Shop(We’re Online too) for Top Quality Dive Gear

Just remember that the crew here at your local dive shop DRIS has got you covered when you need to choose the best Dive Light for you! We have two locations in Illinois and offer our dive gear products online with shipping across the country.