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Our Top 3 Customer Drysuit Questions Answered!

Drysuit Questions

Purchasing a drysuit is perhaps the most significant investment you will make during your diving career. The team here at Dive Right In Scuba recognizes this and has taken great pride over the years in our efforts to help you make the right choice for your personal diving enjoyment. In the spirit of our efforts to make the purchase of a drysuit a painless experience we have picked out some of the most common questions we get. Of course, if you have other questions…we’re available to help!

Dry Suit Ownership, What Are The Costs?

The purchase of a drysuit is without a doubt a significant investment in your personal dive equipment. Of course, with that cost comes the benefit of a more comfortable dive experience and a drastically extended dive season. Once you purchase your drysuit, the time comes to consider the ongoing costs of ownership and usage as drysuits, unlike wetsuits require ongoing upkeep. So, what are these costs? How does a diver go about maintaining a solid and functional drysuit without draining the wallet? Well, let’s take a look at some of these costs and ways to reduce them.

Drysuit Undergarments-Custom or Off The Rack Fit?

Drysuit Undergarment

You’ve picked out a drysuit undergarment and it’s perfect for you. It’s the right material, hits the temperatures you are planning on diving, and even has the cool options like the key pocket so you don’t have to hide them in your gas cap at the dive site(Who really has never done that before?). So now the question is what size to order? Well, if you’re one of those lucky ones that slide perfectly into the “slots” on that particular manufacturer’s size chart…congratulations! If you’re someone built like me(I call it the weightlifter who likes steak and beer cut…the online store where I order t-shirts calls it “Tradesman Fit”, but hey..semantics right?) you’ll either have to make some compromises on the sizing with respect to the size chart. What if I told you there was another option? Well, friends and neighbors there surely is!

SCUBA Regulator-What is O2 Clean?

In my time working in the SCUBA industry I have fielded thousands of questions from divers who are eager to learn. One of the most regular inquiries I receive is whether or not they need an “O2 Clean” SCUBA regulator. This is a question that could be answered in a number of ways and opinions vary greatly on this subject. Before I answer the question directly, let’s first take a look at exactly what “O2 Clean” really is shall we?

SCUBA Regulators-Cold or Warm Water?

The time is finally here, after a few dive trips and drives to the local quarry all the while trying out different types of rental and loaner equipment…you’ve decided to get your own equipment. You go to add that slick set of regulators to your cart and the option pops up of cold water or warm water. Your mind buzzes, what does that even mean? You dive in the cool quarry in between your trips to tropical destinations, but is that something that would require a “cold water” regulator? While the answer to that is rather simple (more on this later), let’s have a quick discussion on what exactly a “warm water” and “cold water” regulator truly is.

Travel BCD’s Simplified

Travel BCD

We often get customer questions regarding what the best travel BCD is. While on the surface, it seems like a simple question…but what constitutes a “travel bcd”? While many have differing definitions, simply put it’s a BCD that’s easy to travel with. What’s that mean? Well, there are three generally accepted criteria that make a BCD a “travel” style. We share the criteria in this article.

Product Spotlight-Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer

In our day to day interactions with the amazing customers here at Dive Right In Scuba, I am oftentimes asked to make recommendations for products. One product that seems to mystify many divers are dive computers and rightfully so. Dive computers, like most pieces of technology have varying features and functions and for a diver it is important to find the right dive computer for the type of diving they are currently undertaking as well as any diving they plan to do in the future. After all, it isn’t the most cost effective thing to have to keep buying new stuff every time your personal diving adventures change. So, to aid in that we like to spotlight various products to further help divers figure out exactly what they need. In this installment we will be discussing the EON steel dive computer by Suunto.

Manufacturer Spotlight-Dive Rite

Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality and safest SCUBA equipment out there. We not only sell dive gear from particular manufacturers, we form strong and long lasting relationships. With that in mind, we value our friendship with all of our equipment manufacturers and periodically we spotlight […]

How To Pick A Recreational Dive Light

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Dive Equipment Service-Why Use DRIS?

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