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So you have all of your dive gear packed and are ready to jump on the plane or into the car and head to that amazing dive destination? Awesome! The team at DRIS is jealous. Of course, there’s something you need to think about and that is how will you handle those small little equipment issues that threaten to ruin your bucket list dive? Well, fret no more because we have compiled a handy little top 10 list of items that need to be in your save a dive kit.

  1. O-ring kit. Face it, o-rings are consumable items and are destined to fail sooner or later. In my experience they always seem to bite the dust at the most inopportune time, do you want a 30 cent o-ring to ruin your dream dive trip? I didn’t think so, for that the team at DRIS has got you covered with this small and inexpensive kit made by the good folks at Trident.
  2. Mask straps. Like above, these are consumable items and are prone to fail. So pick up a couple of extras and be rest assured that your mask will be usable on your dive.
  3. Regulator mouthpieces. Was your regulator breathing wet on that last dive? Well, throw a couple of extra mouthpieces in your save a dive kit for a quick swap out to get you back up and running during your surface interval.
  4. Zip Ties/Duct Tape. I know these are 2 items but they go into the same category as things that hold the world together. The zip ties are crucial for securing things like mouthpieces and bolt snaps, and duct tape…well it’s duct tape.
  5. Tool Kit. All of the backup supplies in the world become useless unless you have tools to complete the repair. At a minimum your tool kit should contain adjustable wrenches, allen wrenches, o-ring picks, and a couple of screwdrivers. If you’re not one to cruise the aisles of your home improvement store for these items we have a neat little tool kit with all of the necessary items here.
  6. BCD Power Inflator. I have personally found these to fail on long dive trips, especially in saltwater, while relatively simple to rebuild they are inexpensive enough to just keep an extra on hand for a quick surface interval swap out.
  7. IP Test Gauge. While you should not work on your regulators unless you hold a certification from the manufacturer, this is a good item to check the health of the high pressure seat on your first stage regulators. Plug it into the LP inflator, hit the purge button and see if the pressure holds and doesn’t creep higher.
  8. Silicone Grease. If you need to swap out an o-ring you’ll also need some of this to apply a thin coat onto the o-ring.
  9. Bolt Snaps. Do you or your buddy have a dangling console or octo? Get yourself streamlined by carrying a couple of extra bolt snaps in your kit. A quick tug and snip with a zip tie and you’ll be entanglement hazard free!
  10. Ginger Candy. Feeling a little green on that boat ride? While not the be all end all cure for seasickness, popping a morsel of ginger candy might just be the thing that gets you feeling right again!


Most often you can fill out this list for less than the cost of the cab ride to the airport, so be prepared and remember that the dive you save may be your own! The team at Dive Right In Scuba is made up of experience drysuit divers who are always just a phone call, email, or chat session away!