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You’ve picked out a drysuit undergarment and it’s perfect for you. It’s the right material, hits the temperatures you are planning on diving, and even has the cool options like the key pocket so you don’t have to hide them in your gas cap at the dive site(Who really has never done that before?). So now the question is what size to order? Well, if you’re one of those lucky ones that slide perfectly into the “slots” on that particular manufacturer’s size chart…congratulations! If you’re someone built like me(I call it the weightlifter who likes steak and beer cut…the online store where I order t-shirts calls it “Tradesman Fit”, but hey..semantics right?) you’ll either have to make some compromises on the sizing with respect to the size chart. What if I told you there was another option? Well, friends and neighbors there surely is!


Custom Fit Drysuit Undergarments


Yes, that’s right…you can get a custom fit drysuit undergarment right here from your friends at Dive Right In Scuba! I know, I know…I see you out there thinking “why would I need something custom fit that’s just going UNDER my drysuit?” Well, bear with me for a second? You went the extra mile to ensure that your drysuit fits you well…even resorting to a custom fit for that bad boy. Why would you want to do anything less with something that’s designed to be worn against your skin and carry the task of keeping you warm and comfortable? Just imagine an ill fitting undergarment bunching up or even worse, squeezing underneath your drysuit when you’re trying to execute perfect trim, a frog kick, or even a valve drill that is a safety thing? I know I would want a drysuit undergarment that fits me just as well as the drysuit itself.  Why would you want to be uncomfortable or even unsafe on a dive? I sure don’t!


Not sure if you need to go off the rack or custom for your drysuit undergarment? Let the experienced team at Dive Right In Scuba help you with your decision. We love to talk dive equipment!