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The DRIS SCUBA BCD Buyer’s Guide

Picking out the perfect set of dive gear can be a daunting task for any diver, whether new to the underwater world or experienced. Buoyancy Control Devices or BCD’s are no different. With all of the new styles and configurations flooding the market, the prudent diver...

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The DRIS Drysuit Buyer’s Guide

If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to ditch that old wetsuit and make the investment in a drysuit and extend your dive season in comfort. We understand that making the leap into a drysuit most likely will represent the most significant investment you will...

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The DRIS SCUBA Regulator Buyer’s Guide

   SCUBA regulators and their associated features have been a widely discussed and hotly debated topic. Oftentimes new divers are left confused and frustrated at all of the varied expert opinions out there from experienced divers and instructors. While everyone has...

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