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While scuba diving is an incredible experience, the price tag that comes with purchasing dive gear can often be a deterrent in getting more people to enjoy this amazing underwater activity. This is why used dive gear is a great solution to getting back in the water faster, and no one offers a better selection of used diving equipment than the leading dive shop, DRIS!

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Purchasing safe and high-quality used dive gear at an affordable price has never been easier. At DRIS (one of the top certified dive shops in the country) we have an amazing selection of used dive gear at a price and quality you can trust. In this article, we’ll go over our commitment to making sure our used dive gear meets the highest standards for our customers and the top used diving equipment options we have in stock!

Why DRIS Offers Used Scuba Gear

In order to scuba dive, you need scuba gear. Therefore, the fastest way to grow the sport we love to our extended dive family is through our products, and that includes our used dive gear.

1. Where to Find Affordable Used Scuba Gear

At Dive Right In Scuba (DRIS), we offer affordable used dive gear for many reasons. First and foremost, used gear makes scuba diving and other watersports more accessible to everyone. By lowering diving equipment costs, we encourage as many people to join the scuba community as possible.

Used scuba gear helps accommodate different income levels, group sizes, and other factors that shouldn’t stop anyone from having fun in the water. This especially benefits families and friends, ensuring scuba gear costs don’t stop you from inviting others along.

2. Order High-Quality Diving Equipment

Plus, we’ll let you in on a secret: our “used dive gear” isn’t really used. That’s right, the fresh returns of our top-rated scuba gear and products become our inventory for our used scuba gear selection. This means you still get high-quality gear that’s practically still new!

So whether you shop our used dive gear section online, or come into one of our local dive shop locations in Plainfield or Orland Park, you can rest assured our “used” dive equipment has minimal (if any) wear and tear!

3. Get Better Diving Equipment For A Better Scuba Experience

Better prices on used dive equipment also improve your overall underwater experience. Divers with limited budgets may cut corners by skipping the scuba equipment they don’t think they need, often leading to less exciting dives and, more importantly, safety concerns. By offering used scuba gear that’s been thoroughly serviced by our expert technicians and is a high-quality return, we help divers get the most from their experiences while staying safe.

4. Reusing Returned Scuba Gear Is Eco-Friendly

Finally, used dive gear keeps the industry as a whole more eco-friendly. Limiting the amount of waste the scuba industry produces protects our waters and keeps us sustainable so we can keep diving in beautiful waters around the world.

Things to Consider When Buying New or Used Scuba Gear from DRIS

Used Scuba Gear Repair Services

Most scuba gear is durable and can be used for years with the proper care. In other words, when you buy dive equipment that is like new from DRIS’s used dive gear selection, you aren’t getting a lesser quality. Buying used dive gear can be a smart way to save, though you should be smart about where you buy it from.

Used scuba gear from an established seller such as DRIS is usually safer and more dependable than the gear you’d find at a garage sale. Plus, DRIS has a 60/120-day return window for used diving equipment to guarantee your satisfaction.

Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing used dive gear:

  1. Find the Right Size Dive Gear: A better fit means a better dive! Make sure to try the equipment on before purchasing, if possible. (Feel free to stop into one of our two dive shop locations, conveniently located in Orland Park and Plainfield, to try out DRIS’s top dive gear in person!)
  2. Servicing and Testing for Scuba Equipment: Inadequately serviced scuba gear may not be reliable, so only buy from sellers who thoroughly test and repair their used equipment. You should look to buy from certified dive shops like DRIS.
  3. Find a Top Dive Shop: The dive shop where you purchase equipment may affect its quality. For example, full-fledged dive shops that also provide servicing are usually more reliable than rental shops that offer used dive gear with extra wear and tear.
  4. Dive Gear Return Policy: Most reputable dive shops and dive gear retailers will welcome used diving equipment to be exchanged or returned for store credit. Check out our DRIS dive shop return policy.
  5. Condition of Diving Equipment: If you’re unsure of any scuba gear’s quality or if you purchase any life-support equipment, talk to your local sales rep at DRIS! As industry professionals, we’ll be able to provide information on whether or not this piece is suitable for your needs or if it requires servicing before you use it.

After considering these factors, it’s time to pick out which used diving equipment meets your needs!

Where Can I Buy Used Diving Equipment?

DRIS offers almost every type of scuba gear you could need at both our Plainfield and Orland Park locations. Our top used dive gear products include hybrid drysuits, breathable inflators, 1000-lumen spotlights, and screen protectors for diving electronics.

The technicians at our two local Illinois dive shops take extra care when servicing and maintaining used dive gear, ensuring maximum reliability and peace of mind.

While our inventory is constantly changing, the types of used diving equipment you may find in our used scuba gear selection can include:

Black Friday Sales for Scuba Gear

As you can see by our extensive used dive gear selection, at DRIS, we truly want to help our dive family enjoy this amazing hobby in any way they can. This is why every year DRIS holds our famous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

Discounts are applicable for both days and typically even start a few days earlier! With our wide range of scuba gear, we host products from numerous vendors meaning different manufacturers have different start times, end times, and dates for sales on their gear. So mark your calendars or -sign up for our emails the sale excitement begins soon!

Get an even better bargain on our used scuba diving gear selection during our Black Friday. We’ll have amazing prices you won’t want to miss. Make sure to keep an eye on our latest used scuba gear selection to see what piece you’ll want to snag before it’s gone!

Scuba Repair Services for Your Used Dive Gear

Not looking to purchase used but repair your own scuba gear? As a one-stop dive shop, we can help with that too!

Our two DRIS dive shops offer extensive inspection and repair services for almost all scuba equipment. Staying on top of repairs will improve your used diving equipment’s longevity and safety, setting you up for many perfect dives. Our scuba repair work falls into five categories:

While all of our products are top-notch, our services can’t be beat either! When you need to find a dive shop with repair services, or need a gear inspection, call DRIS!

To see more of the professional services we provide, check out our in-depth guide with details on our scuba diving lessons, scuba certification classes, and more!

The Best Used Scuba Gear in Illinois

Don’t let the price tag stand in the way of the dive of your life. Choose from reliable used dive gear at DRIS to make a splash without diving deep into your bank account.

Featuring an extensive online and in-store used equipment selection, Dive Right In Scuba has over 18 years of experience serving the scuba community. Additionally, US shipping is free for online orders over $75 so you can get the most dependable and serviced equipment possible, no matter your location.

Check out our used dive gear inventory today to get started, or mark your calendars for our Black Friday dive gear sale, when we offer our biggest deals on used scuba gear every year!