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While Dive Right In Scuba is known for our amazing selection of scuba diving gear, let’s not put the horse before the cart. Knowing how to scuba dive properly through scuba diving lessons, scuba certification classes, and swimming classes are the key to having a safe and successful dive every time.

While having the correct gear is important, having the proper knowledge of diving underwater is equally as crucial! So we’ve created a helpful guide for professionals and beginners alike to see the various scuba diving classes, swim classes, scuba certifications, and other diving and swimming services DRIS has to offer.

Why Is It Important To Take Dive Lessons From A Certified Dive Shop?

Certified Dive Instructors

As you know, scuba diving happens underwater often at deep levels. This allows scuba diving to be a dangerous activity if the proper safety procedures are not followed. So, if you want to dive, you need to take dive lessons from a certified dive shop!

1. Scuba Diving Lessons Require Safety

Certified dive shops are required by law to follow certain safety protocols. This ensures the safety of their customers during the dive classes as well as trust that you will be learning the necessary information. By taking scuba diving lessons from a certified dive shop, you can be sure that you are receiving instruction from a professional in a safe environment with well-functioning diving equipment.

At DRIS, we make our customers our biggest priority. In order to show how seriously we take safety at our scuba diving classes, DRIS has made sure to earn our own certifications including:

This makes DRIS one of the most professionally certified dive shops in the entire country!

2. Get The Most Out Of Your Scuba Diving Lessons with Quality Scuba Diving Instructors

Certified dive shops employ scuba diving instructors who have been trained and certified to teach scuba diving. These instructors have undergone extensive training themselves and have the experience to teach you how to dive safely and competently.

3. Get Proper Scuba Diving Equipment From People Who Have Experience

Certified dive shops will have properly maintained and serviced equipment available for you to use during your training. They will also be able to recommend the right equipment for your needs if you decide to purchase your own gear.

We assure you that at Dive Right In Scuba, all three of these criteria are met with our instructional scuba diving certification classes.

Where Are Scuba Diving Classes Near Me?

Dive Right In Scuba offers scuba diving lessons at both of our Illinois locations: Plainfield and Orlando Park. With a range of scuba diving lessons, our professional employees and scuba diving certification programs allow divers of all ages and experience levels the chance to learn something new.

So whether you want to take diving lessons at Plainfield, or choose to do your scuba classes at Orlando Park, DRIS has you covered!

Public Safety Scuba Diving Lessons

Public safety scuba diving is a type of diving that is performed by trained professionals to support public safety agencies such as police, fire, and rescue departments. Public safety divers often work in hazardous conditions. With low visibility, fast-moving currents, and cold temperatures, DRIS offers public safety scuba diving lessons to ensure these heroes perform their best even in challenging conditions.

We also support public safety scuba diving by working closely with public safety professionals to get them the top dive equipment and gear they need. There’s a reason so many public safety departments choose DRIS for their drysuits, BCDs, regulators, and other dive equipment. Learn more about our top diving equipment in our recent blog, “Top Scuba Diving Equipment at DRIS”, or just call to speak with one of our dive shop family members who will be happy to answer any questions!

Recreational Scuba Diving Lessons

Scuba Diving Classes

From scuba diving beginners and up, recreational scuba diving lessons are a great way to start your scuba diving adventure! At DRIS, this is a common type of scuba diving certification.

Done more for fun and enjoyment, recreational diving usually involves lower depths and does not require specialized training or equipment beyond basic scuba gear, making this the perfect scuba diving lesson for new members of our dive family looking to get open water certification.

Technical Scuba Classes and Extended Range Certifications

This is a more advanced type of scuba diving that involves diving to greater depths and longer dive times. Technical diving requires specialized training and equipment, as different gasses and decompression techniques are utilized with deeper and longer dives. In order to safely navigate the greater risks for an underwater reward, technical scuba diving lessons should always be completed beforehand.

Freedive Scuba Courses

Freediving, also known as breath-hold diving, is when a diver uses only a single breath while diving and does not rely on various tanks or breathing apparatuses. This makes freediving extremely difficult and requires plenty of training, knowledge, and practice to conserve limited oxygen and deal with pressure changes. Freediving can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not followed, which is why DRIS offers professional freediving courses for those ready for a challenge!

Cave and Wreck Diving Classes and Dive Gear

Underwater depths hold many mysteries (and possibly treasures!) Cave and wreck diving allows you to have access to these hidden treasures but requires specialized diving training and dive equipment, as divers must have advanced skills in navigation, buoyancy control, and emergency procedures. Scuba diving lessons allow divers to avoid damaging the wreck or themselves during a dive.

VA Program Scuba Diving Classes

Dive Right In Scuba’s accredited VA program is a great way for our nation’s veterans to become involved in the underwater world of scuba diving. The VA scuba diving courses offer entry-level training, SDI, TDI, PADI, and ERDI programs. Want to turn scuba diving into a career? We can help with that too!

Choose An Online Scuba Diving Certification

DRIS Swimming Classes

In order to allow easier access for a number of classes, we are happy to provide virtual scuba diving lessons! From first aid to coral reef conservation, boost your knowledge wherever you may be located with our selection of virtual scuba diving classes.

Don’t see the scuba diving lesson you need? Check out our full list of scuba diving certification courses to see how Dive Right In Scuba is ready to help instructors, boy scouts, and more!

Swimming Classes Near Me

An important part of scuba diving lessons and other underwater activities is the ability to swim. Does your little one love the water but stay in the shallow end? We can teach them to confidently stay afloat!

DRIS offers the local Illinois community around Plainfield and Orland Park swimming classes through our in-house swim program. For ages 6 months and up (that’s right, even adults), we offer the best private and semi-private swim lessons in Illinois with 30 or 60-minute classes. Our ultra-clean, 92-degree heated pool will make it hard to stay dry!

Just passed your scuba diving classes or already have your scuba diving certification? Our scuba services don’t stop there! At DRIS, we truly are a one-stop dive shop and strive to provide a scuba solution for every diver’s need.

Our goal is to get people scuba diving as often as we can. This is why we offer a plethora of other scuba diving services.

Dive Charters Near Me

Proud to partner with Double Action Dive Charters, DRIS has a card up our sleeve! While other dive shops may have products and classes, can they offer their own transportation to some of the best shipwreck diving in the US?

With multiple dive charters in operation, DRIS has been able to allow thousands of divers the opportunity to see wrecks throughout Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. With two boats to choose from, you have the chance to see shipwrecks in up to 300 feet of water!

Rental Scuba Dive Gear Service

Have the experience but need the gear? Dive Right In Scuba offers an excellent diving equipment rental program. This allows you to test out the dive equipment you need and get comfortable with the right equipment for you. Ready to take the plunge and buy your own dive gear? Check out our recent blog for the top scuba diving equipment DRIS has to offer online and in-store!

We also offer some of the most competitively priced dive equipment through our used dive gear program. Find the quality dive gear you need for a much lower price!

Scuba Gear Repair Service

Scuba Diving Vacation

While we can supply the right gear, we are also dedicated to making it last longer. While some dive shops have limited repair services, DRIS has an in-house team that does:

Excellent service is our top priority, and that isn’t lost on our scuba gear repair services!

Take Your Scuba Diving Lessons On Vacation!

Ready to explore some of the best dive sites in the world? Dive Right In Scuba’s scuba diving trips are an excellent way to explore new dive sites, meet other divers, and experience the excitement of scuba diving in a fun and safe environment.

DRIS can do both domestic and international destinations, making our scuba diving lessons a perfect way to improve your skills before a big scuba diving trip!

Choose a Full-Service Dive Shop for Your Dive Needs

While our products speak for themselves, Dive Right In Scuba also wants to provide amazing services. Whether you choose our scuba diving lessons or book a trip on our dive charters, DRIS has only one goal in mind: to provide a quality scuba diving experience.

Our love of the water is translated into our business. We truly want to help in any way we can for our dive family.

We are happy to offer a wide selection of additional scuba diving lessons and additional services. With 24/7 support, any member of our team can use their years of scuba diving experience to help you choose the best gear, diving lesson, or trip for you.

With so much to choose from, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with DRIS today and get diving!