1. Ken Holzman
    June 25, 2016 @ 7:12 pm

    Absolutely take Rescue Diver! I’ve been diving since 1970 (with a sabbatical for raising a family) and got around to taking NAUI Advanced Rescue three years ago; with no intention of becoming a dive master. It greatly enhanced my situational awareness, competence and confidence that I can manage or avoid problems before they become emergencies and handle an emergency if needed. I now better “see” and help correct problems (my own and others); e.g. an unbuckled tank strap, mask strap over the top of the head ready to release the mask, etc. How about an emergency? May of this year diving Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan, 40F water temp at 120 feet, my buddy’s regulator froze up and went to free-flow. He is also rescue certified. I donated my primary and went to secondary (my preferred system), we held harnesses and made a controlled ascent with safety stop; perfect team effort. Could experienced divers without rescue training do the same? Of course. But I found we both seamlessly went to our training and completed the “rescue” without anxiety or indecision. Highly recommended training.


  2. Stephen Wertzbaugher
    June 25, 2016 @ 7:27 pm

    I completed my Rescue Diver course last summer, before I made the decision to move from recreational to dive professional. Although intense and at times a little nerve wracking, for me, the rescue diver course was the best educational experience I have had as a diver so far. The course gave me the knowledge and training I needed not only to handle a possible emergency situation involving another diver, but also the confidence to rescue myself if required. I’m glad I took the course, even if I had decided to stay on the recreational side of diving.

    I guess the question everyone needs to answer if they are considering taking the rescue diver course is this: are you simply a tourist (and I do not intend to demean anyone by this. There is nothing wrong with simply wanting to be a tourist) or are you truly serious about the sport and becoming the best diver you can possibly become? The answer to that question should help to drive your decision.


  3. John Huthmaker
    June 25, 2016 @ 8:11 pm

    I’m starting my Rescue class in two weeks. There was a never a question as to whether I should I shouldnt. To me it was always the minimum level I wanted to pursue; not a means to an end. However, now that I’ve progress a bit as a diver, I do see Divermaster on the horizon. Its still in the distant future, but its something I’m interested in. I knew I was going to do rescue long before I decided I’ll eventually do dm.


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