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If you’ve been diving in a drysuit as long as I have, you probably remember heading to the army surplus store for those fleece pajamas to wear with the discount store sweat suit under your drysuit. Of course, times and technology have changed and we now actually have dedicated undergarments for use when diving dry, but did you know that they’ve taken steps even further in recent years? Advances in drysuit undergarment technology have come a long way in ensuring long, comfortable, warm dives. But just how far? Let us take a closer look at a few of the newest and best shall we?

First off, as a logical addition to the arsenal of heated gloves for dry suit diving we now have heated vests and even entire heated undergarments! For those divers who just want to keep their core a little warmer so they can squeak out that extra few minutes of bottom time under the ice, the crew at DRIS have the Santi HVBZ200 Heated Vest. This bad boy can provide heat of up to 104 degrees for a maximum of 4 hours of pure comfort! If the batteries happen to run out of juice you’re still protected by 200g Thinsulate over your core. If you want to go all out for that snuggled up with the heated blanket feeling even while deep under that icy lake we got you covered with the Santi BZ 400 Heated Undersuit. This amazing suit gives you the best thermal protection under water. It keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained. New generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking. Innovative, synthetic power wire resistant to high temperatures and cuts. Of course, the only risk to this suit is being late for dinner because you opted for that third dive to check out what the ice fisherman are trying to catch!

Not one to remember to charge batteries or think heated undergarments are just too new fangled technology for you? Well, we have something for you too! If you just need something to keep your core from catching that mid dive chill check out the Waterproof 3D Mesh Vest. With this vest Waterproof takes one more step to enhance the rock solid ground as being the overall leader in the Drysuit diving community. The extraordinary performance Formula WP 3D Mesh Vest features a triple layer insulation in front of the torso and spine pad. Or for the step up from that smelly undergarment take a glance at the USIA Exotherm 3 or the 4th Element Halo 3D. The Exotherm is a triple layer garment made of 16oz. fleece with a wind barrier and water resistant outer shell. The Halo 3D is made of high density fleece and incompressible Spacetek material.

So ditch that old sweat suit and fleece underlayer and step into the 21st century with your dry suit diving. The crew at DRIS is here to help!