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You’ve finally made the investment in a drysuit, or you’ve had a drysuit for a while and are looking to enhance your dry diving experience. Yeah, we know what you’re going through…we’ve all been there. While there are a number of upgrades you can make to your suit to stay warm and comfortable on dives long and short. From relief valves to top of the line undergarments, it’s all there and every one will make your dives just that much better. Of course if you ask most of the crew here at Dive Right In Scuba what the one upgrade is that will give you the most bang for your buck, you will hear the term “dry gloves” resonate from our showroom all the way to our stockroom. This is because dry gloves will keep your hands in the same condition as the rest of your body….warm and dry. As we all know, cold is a factor of time and once your hands get wet that clock is ticking…no matter how thick the neoprene gloves you’re wearing are.


Dry Glove Systems Are Wallet And Modification Friendly


When a diver comes to us and asks about switching over to dry gloves, they often come into the conversation with the belief that they are either prohibitively expensive or require serious modifications to their suit. When we explain the pricing and options, they are pleased to find that there is a dry glove system that will fit almost any budget and don’t require any modifications to the suit. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at a couple of the more popular dry glove systems that we sell.


The Si Tech Glove Lock System

The good folks at Si Tech bill this system as the “easiest dry glove system out there”, and we’re inclined to agree with them. The Glove Lock system’s rings are designed to click in and lock over your existing wrist seals meaning that there are no modifications required to your suit. Literally click in and dive. With a 360 degree no alignment required system and extra large rings, make this system really easy to install and friendly for hands of all sizes.


The Si Tech Quick Clamp System

If you’re on a budget but want warm hands the Quick Clamp System by Si Tech is the choice for you. With an easy snap in install and inner rings of various sizes,  this system will keep your hands dry and warm.


The Rubber Pullover System By Si Tech

These rubber rings quickly install on any suit.  Use almost any glove and pull it over the raised part.  Glove stays put.  With cheaper gloves that do not stay(due to design), you can use an o-ring to hold the glove.  When you want the gloves off, just stretch them back off.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get drygloves!


The Kubi Dry Glove System

The new kid on the block has skated up the street with rave reviews. KUBI Dry gloves utilise durable aluminium rings, which unlike plastic ones are extremely strong and light and are fully resistant to hot and cold conditions. This Dry Glove system creates a watertight connection between the glove and the suit. Dry diving gloves are used for Technical and recreational divers for long exposure dives or in extreme conditions and are used to maintain thermal comfort. This improves dexterity where over time during cold dives divers can find handling objects, performing shutdowns etc. difficult. Compared to neoprene gloves, these KUBI Dry gloves have about 10x less thickness whilst also maintaining sufficient strength. This makes them ideal for photography and videography work.The KUBI Dry Glove system can be installed onto almost any kind of cuff (neoprene, latex, rubber) and can be used again with almost any kind of glove (plastic, rubber, etc..) and thickness (up to 1.5 mm).


There you have it! The top dry glove system picks from the Dive Right In Scuba crew! So, let us get you into a set and enjoying your dives totally dry and warm. We love to talk diving so give us a shout!