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Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality and safest SCUBA equipment out there. We further this by holding the belief that we not only sell dive gear from certain manufacturers, we form strong relationships. With that in mind, we value our relationship with all of our equipment manufacturers and like to show that by periodically spotlighting our partners. In this edition we will be talking about our friends at Hollis.

About Hollis


Based in San Leandro, CA, Hollis designs and manufactures SCUBA equipment that caters to both the recreational and technical diver. Born from an engineering background, Hollis places a high premium on research and development and ensuring that nothing leaves it’s facility that is anything less than top of the line. The good folks at Hollis sum up their mantra best by saying:


“Hollis is committed to designing, developing and manufacturing the specialised technical scuba diving equipment that divers expect and demand. The diving equipment that we produce is not only designed around experienced technical divers though, in fact Hollis dive gear is built with all divers in mind from the new recreational diver to the exploratory and expedition divers.


Hollis was born from a lifelong passion of diving and the need for specialised equipment for unusual circumstances and all those years of diving experience, design knowledge and testing history allows us to build the best products possible. Regardless of whether you are enjoying a shallow dive over a coral reef or leading an expedition into an uncharted cave system we know our diving equipment is able to take you there with confidence.”


You may be asking what type of equipment does Hollis make?

Well, put simply…almost everything! From regulators to sidemount rigs, Hollis has got you covered.

For Regulators

Hollis features the high performing 200 LX Regulator set, set it up and you have an easy breathing tough powerhouse regulator set that will give you years of faithful and safe service. Grab a couple sets and you have an epic sidemount or backmounted doubles regulator solution for those extended range technical dives!


Looking for a BCD?

Take a glance at the L.T.S. or “Light Travel System” that will put your travel packing issues to bed. Need something a little more substantial for those cooler local dives? You would be remiss if you didn’t check out the HD200! Looking to springboard into technical diving? Grab the modular HTS 2 that can accommodate both single and double tank configurations!


Want to venture into the world of sidemount diving?

Hollis has both the SMS 100 and the SMS 75 to fulfill your needs in this department. With the lighter weight SMS 75 you can travel light and venture into those warmer waters with smaller cylinders. Thinking about going into cooler waters with larger cylinders? The SMS 100 is the rig to check out.


Of course this is a small sampling of the quality equipment that the good folks at Hollis have for you. I don’t know about you but the crew here at Dive Right In Scuba are excited to have Hollis on board with us and are always looking forward to what they come out with next!