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Have you finally decided to venture into shipwrecks or caves? Are you just sick and tired of lugging around that huge plastic handheld cannon light? Is your pocket feeling the burn every time you drop and lose one of those tiny underwater “pen lights” on your dives? Well, friends and neighbors…it might just be time to pick up a canister light! To be sure, shopping for one of these fancy devices isn’t the easiest task in the world with all of the cool sounding terms being thrown your way! So to combat confusion, you’re ever helpful friends at DRIS have devised this article that’ll hopefully narrow your options. Of course, if you need anymore assistance…give us a shout! We pride ourselves on making people see the light about lights(see what I did there?).

First on the list we have an awesome entry level solutions for the intro cave or wreck diver looking to poke around at the edge of the daylight zone. Next up, let’s talk about a light engineered by the fun loving folks at Light Monkey! The 9w LED Primary, this is the ideal entry level canister light. Features include; powered by a 5.2aH Li-Ion rechargeable battery providing 350 minutes of burn time, True 600 lumens @ 5600 Kelvin fixed focus with 6° reflector, and a user replaceable battery with power pole connector.

Are you looking for a light that will illuminate the ocean and flash cook fish underwater? Not really but ok, check out these big boys for a truly “enlightening” experience! Those folks down south at Light Monkey and the “dude” at Underwater Light Dude sure don’t fail us here. TheLight Monkey 35 watt HID features a different design than other HID’s with the main ballast in the canister with the ignitor in a small housing at the head, the switch is recessed into the lid for additional protection, and powered by a 20 Amp Li-Po Battery Providing 330 Mins.(5.5 hours) of Burntime. The Underwater Light Dude LD-35 comes packed full of “bright” features out of the box! “The bad boy of dive lights” features a 3500 Lumen High @ 30W, 1100 Lumen Medium @ 15W, 800 Lumen Low @ 5W, 8.2 degree beam angle, and up to 5 hours of burn time.

Of course with the use of a primary light, the prudent diver must not forget a backup illumination solution. With these, the crew here at DRIS has got you covered! We feature the DRIS Dive Gear 1000 Lumen light. This high power xml t6 dive aluminum LED flashlight boasts an upgraded driver which helps it pump out an amazing 1000 lumen.

As you can see from the examples here, there are some awesome lights out there both in performance and build quality. Of course if you’re looking for something a little different give us a shout! Like the solid folks who make these lights, our crew here at DRIS likes to make every effort to ensure your perfect solution!