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Whether you’re a recently certified diver looking for your first underwater light for that night dive specialty course next weekend, or a seasoned technical diver looking for a more robust primary light, picking out what’s best for you among the crowd is almost always a daunting task. At my last estimate there are at least a couple hundred options for dive lights out there and more coming out on a weekly basis. How does the average or even experienced diver wade through it all?  Well, the crew here at Dive Right In Scuba are all active divers and are ready and willing to assist you in finding the perfect solution to illuminate your dive experience. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few types of recreational and back up lights and their benefits shall we?


Recreational Dive Lights

Most divers who have been exploring the underwater world for a while remember the recreational dive lights of years ago. Often these lights were plastic, provided little illumination, leaked, and were generally unreliable. Well, times sure have changed. Nowadays, you will find recreational dive lights with LED technology that pump out up to 1000 lumens of bright light, made of tough materials like aircraft aluminum,  feature rechargeable batteries, double or even triple sealing O-rings, and provide years of faithful service. Many of these lights can be found for under 100 dollars, and are compact. In addition, a number of these small, handheld lights are also put to use as back up lights by technical and cave divers. So as your diving adventures go on, they can still be put to use!


Picking a Recreational Dive Light

Above we’ve listed a few features of recreational dive lights, so which characteristics are right for you? Do you prefer rechargeable batteries or do you like simply carrying extra disposable batteries in your dive kit? Or do you prefer the flexibility of being able to use both in your light? If you like that flexibility, a light like the Sea Dragon Mini 650 be your cup of tea! Enjoy the simplicity of popping a few AAA batteries in your light and hit the water? Then the 1k Shorty is the answer for you! If you don’t like holding the light be sure to pick up a goodman glove that affixes the light to the back of your hand, allowing use of both hands on your dive! Do you prefer a compact light with a shorter burn time on a set of batteries or do you prefer a slightly larger light with a couple day’s worth of power before battery swaps? If you are in the latter group, take a glance at the 1000 Lumen Dive Light which provides up to 5 hours of burn time on 3 C cell batteries!


No matter what you’re looking for in a recreational dive light, the crew at Dive Right In Scuba has got you covered. If you have questions or need assistance picking out that perfect light, don’t hesitate to call, email, chat, or carrier pigeon us! We’re here to help, and love to talk diving!