It’s Time For Underwater Pumpkin Carving!

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Leaves are turning color and football season is well underway. For all of us, fall is here! For us divers that means planning trips for the winter for a warm water break from the cold. Of course there is one other thing that happens at dive sites all over. It’s time for underwater pumpkin carving, and here at DRIS we can’t be more excited!


What is underwater pumpkin carving?


It’s as simple as the name implies, you carve a pumpkin like almost everyone does this time of year…except we’re doing it underwater! While carving an award winning pumpkin on land requires a bit of time and artistic skill, underwater adds an entirely new element to it. Imagine having to manage a safe dive, an overly buoyant pumpkin, a cutting device, and the time restriction that comes with a tank of SCUBA air!


Tips and tricks to carve the best pumpkin underwater!

Earlier today, I crowd sourced some best practices for a successful underwater pumpkin carving from those who fancy themselves true artisans of the subsurface Jack-O-Lantern. Here’s just a few ideas they had;


  • Carry extra weights. Pumpkins are super buoyant, so you’ll need to carry extra weight for yourself as well as the pumpkin. Perhaps devise a method for weighing down the pumpkin to make it neutrally buoyant before you hit the water.
  • Make your first cut at a shallow depth. Whether you decide to do your carving at a deep or shallow depth, be sure to cut into the pumpkin before you plunge into the depths. Why? Because pumpkins can implode when introduced to increased pressures. What depth is best? We’ll let you figure that out!
  • Have a plan! First, you’re doing this underwater so expect that it’ll take longer to craft a Halloween masterpiece. Secondly, you’re time limited by the duration of your dive plan. With that in mind, have a plan and procedure in place before you gear underwater-pumpkin-carvingup and hit the water!


Not only carving pumpkins!

Our event happens in the middle of October every year at Haigh Quarry in Kankakee. In addition to the fun of carving a pumpkin while underwater, we also add a little competition to it. First, we have a contest to determine the best, most creative, and most challenging pumpkin design. Secondly, if that wasn’t enough we also have a costume contest. Yes, come dressed to dive IN YOUR COSTUME! We will judge costumes on Creativity, Originality, and an added bonus for having a theme between your pumpkin and costume!


Food, drinks, prizes, and a good time with fellow divers!


What do you get if you win or place well? Prizes, of course! We round up thousands of dollars of the most popular dive gear out there and award it as prizes for the best pumpkins and costumes. So, if you want to win, bring your “A” game! What else? Food, drinks, and camaraderie! We all know it’s not a party without some good grub and friends so not only do we ask you to bring a dish to share, but we also bring the feast. After all, it’s one of our biggest events of the year. Feel like joining in on the good times? Just click the banner above and register. We’ll see you there!