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Unboxed: The Nomad LS and SMS Katana

professional scuba equipment

When I first began diving sidemount in 2011, there were only a couple of commercially available units on the market. Sidemount diving has grown leaps and bounds and has become more accepted in the mainstream diving community since. Having said that, nowadays, new sidemount harnesses seem to be released pretty regularly, some are a resounding […]

Nomad LTZ vs. Hollis SMS75 For Sidemount Diving

Nomad LTZ vs. SMS 75

So the sidemount diving bug has bitten you huh? Are you shopping around for a sidemount rig to call your own so you can stop using that rental one that has the funny smell to it? Hey, I completely understand! While it is a great time to get into sidemount diving, it is also a […]

Unboxed-The Dive Rite Nomad LTZ

Nomad LTZ

I have been a huge fan of sidemount diving ever since I saw someone years ago at a quarry with cylinders that seemed to have rolled off of his back. While I first thought it was a funny way to dive, I was intrigued from the start. So with that, I became a sponge for […]

Sidemount Systems for Warm Water and Recreational Diving

Sidemount Diving

With the buzz going around the dive world about this new thing called side mount, it’s hard to believe that it’s roots lie in the garages divers who needed a new solution that would allow them to explore caves too small to get into with large steel tanks on their backs. Even as recently as […]