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BCD’s Demystified. What Buoyancy Control Device to Choose?

You’ve been diving for a while and either own a buoyancy control device(BCD) or have exhausted all of your possible rental options and are ready for a new rig. Where do you start? Of course as you begin your search for the perfect BCD for you, confusion quickly mounts. With the many options of BCD’s on the market, they can be simplified into three main categories with each possessing their own attributes. So, with that in mind let’s talk about the three main categories and attributes of each.

Travel BCD’s Simplified

Travel BCD

We often get customer questions regarding what the best travel BCD is. While on the surface, it seems like a simple question…but what constitutes a “travel bcd”? While many have differing definitions, simply put it’s a BCD that’s easy to travel with. What’s that mean? Well, there are three generally accepted criteria that make a BCD a “travel” style. We share the criteria in this article.

The DRIS SCUBA BCD Buyer’s Guide

Picking out the perfect set of dive gear can be a daunting task for any diver, whether new to the underwater world or experienced. Buoyancy Control Devices or BCD’s are no different. With all of the new styles and configurations flooding the market, the prudent diver needs to do his or her own research in […]

Product Spotlight: The Dive Rite Hunter-Pac BCD

hunter pac

In recent years spearfishing has increased in popularity, and the dive industry has responded with some great innovations. Spawned from the invasion of Lionfish in southern waters and the ensuing derbys and fishing competitions, our friends in Northern Florida at Dive Rite saw the need for a minimalist BCD that allows the diver to move […]

Product Spotlight-DRIS Dive Gear 28lb BP/W System

In our neverending quest to better serve our customers, we are always on the lookout for feedback about what divers want and need. We then take that feedback and apply it to our product offerings. With that in mind one of the most common questions and requests from our customers is “what is a good, […]

Product Spotlight-The Halcyon Traveler BC System

Halcyon Traveler BC System

Ever since I got into diving many years ago I have fancied myself a bit of an equipment nerd. With that in mind working at DRIS for me is likened to a kid working in a candy store with no shelves out of reach. Oftentimes I find myself perusing the shop and noting that sense […]

Should You “Wing” It?

For the longest time, newer divers most often opted for the jacket BCD as a viable entry level solution to their diving needs. Why not? Jacket BCD’s are simple, easy to operate, widely found worldwide, and more often than not an inexpensive option. In recent years, there has been an uptick in new diver interest […]