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Which Drysuit Undergarment Material Is Best For Me?

Drysuit Undergarment

Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of drysuits and accessories as well as our relationships with drysuit manufacturers. With this in mind, it is no secret that we take care of a good amount of drysuit customers. Most of those customers are buying their first drysuit and are often suffering from the initial sticker shock of the cost of their new drysuit. Hey, we understand…a good quality drysuit isn’t something that comes cheap. So, oftentimes our first time drysuit customers take it like a punch in the gut(or wallet…you choose) when we start the discussion of undergarments. Well, just about every suit will require a quality drysuit undergarment and(trust us on this) the cost of the suit, undergarment, and accessories will seem but a distant memory when you take that first drysuit dive in total comfort. With all of that in mind, what drysuit material is best for you? That depends on your personal preferences and types of water you normally dive in. In our normal spirit of being helpful, allow us to hit the high points of each type…trust us we’ll be quick so you can get back to diving.

One Drysuit Undergarment For All Temperatures?

Drysuit Undergarment

So you just purchased a new drysuit and are shopping around for undergarments huh? Well, if you’re like many drysuit divers you’re searching for that perfect solution that will keep you comfortable and toasty on your dives. With that in mind you need to ask yourself the question of what types of climates and water temperatures you will be diving in, because Face it…you wouldn’t wear a ski jacket to a Florida beach in July or board shorts in Jackson Hole in January would you?

One Piece Or Two Piece Drysuit Undergarment?

Drysuit Undergarment

When it comes to what drysuit undergarment options, there are almost as many out there as drysuit options themselves. While the drysuit itself is most often the most important part of the equation, a quality undergarment almost always runs a close second. Here at Dive Right In Scuba we regularly receive customer inquiries about which undergarments and options are the best for them. Being active divers ourselves, we know how a less than perfect equipment solution can ruin an otherwise epic dive experience. So with that in mind we take our customer questions to heart and make every effort to guide them towards the perfect solution. With that in mind, let’s have a quick discussion whether a one piece or two piece drysuit undergarment is for you shall we?

Drysuit Undergarments-Custom or Off The Rack Fit?

Drysuit Undergarment

You’ve picked out a drysuit undergarment and it’s perfect for you. It’s the right material, hits the temperatures you are planning on diving, and even has the cool options like the key pocket so you don’t have to hide them in your gas cap at the dive site(Who really has never done that before?). So now the question is what size to order? Well, if you’re one of those lucky ones that slide perfectly into the “slots” on that particular manufacturer’s size chart…congratulations! If you’re someone built like me(I call it the weightlifter who likes steak and beer cut…the online store where I order t-shirts calls it “Tradesman Fit”, but hey..semantics right?) you’ll either have to make some compromises on the sizing with respect to the size chart. What if I told you there was another option? Well, friends and neighbors there surely is!

Choosing The Right Undergarment

Picture of Diver Using Drysuit and Drysuit Undergarment Materials

Anytime a customer here at Dive Right In Scuba asks what is the best undergarment.  We most often ask them about they type and temperature of water they will be diving in. This is because there is no one best undergarment for every diver out there. If that were the case we would only carry […]