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In a previous article we discussed the various types of side mount systems geared towards the recreational, warm water crowd. If this is your type of diving “cup of tea” then the systems we discussed are for you! All are amazing, well built, streamlined units, but they do have limitations. What if you want to venture into the world of side mount diving but don’t live in a tropical climate or particularly enjoy using aluminum tanks? Do you have the desire to explore caves or into the deeper, technical realm? Well, there’s some amazing side mount systems just waiting for you to pick up and get wet! Without further ado, let’s take a look at a few good ones!

First off, the good folks down in Northern Florida at Dive Rite have been hard at work developing some awesome units for side mount exploration. A couple of awesome systems are the tried and true Nomad XT system for those who fancy dives that require an arsenal of cylinders, as well as the newly released LTZ system. The Nomad XT is built with the ultimate streamlining in mind. A properly balanced sidemount rig should not require additional weight on the shoulders. Divers who wear heavy tanks or those just getting started with sidemount will often opt this solution to resolve trim issues. Just recently released by Dive Rite is the Nomad LTZ, a solid workhorse mid ground unit that will satisfy most diver’s fancy for side mount diving! Providing superior performance, the Nomad LTZ takes sidemount diving to the next level. The durable exterior SuperFabric material is resistant to the elements of diving, whether diving on a quiet reef, pushing deep into a cave system, or scooting through a deck opening on a wreck dive.

Next, we have some epic side mount systems developed by the hard working folks at Hollis. For the hardcore cave and technical folks out thTechnical Sidemountere we have the bulletproof SMS 100 system. The SMS100 Sidemount system was designed not just with the sidemount cave divers in mind, but any diver. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or technical diver, this kit was designed for you. Suitable for sidemounting twin or single cylinders, but also for use with rebreathers or rear mounted singles. This system can be used in any environment from open water to the overhead. For the sidemount diver who values streamlining as much as capacity we have the toughbuilt SMS 75 system. The SMS75is an evolution from years of sidemount development, which started with the SMS100. While SMS100 caters more to hardcore cave divers, SMS75 was created to handle all environments. Proper trim is key and the wing is designed to promote horizontal diving with increased lift towards the hips where it’s needed most, and without modification.

So if you’re looking at a system that’s usable with thick exposure suits and steel tanks, take a look at these systems. Our crew at DRIS is here to help and remember our unconditional purchase guarantee!