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We’re well past Labor Day and while most dive sites and destinations are winding down for the season, we at DRIS are excited. Excited like that sadistic Drill Sergeant who just loves running and push ups! What are we excited for? We are excited for cold water dive season! Why you ask? I mean cold is…well, cold. We’re excited because cold water diving means uncrowded dive sites, better visibility, and drysuit toys! Every year dive technology gets better and better and every year around this time we get excited to try out the new products as well as telling you about them! With that in mind, today We’ll be telling you about a rather cool product that’s sure to keep you warm and comfy during those long and cold(well, at least the water) dives! So, let’s have a quick chat about the Max Heating Set by our good friends across the pond in Poland, at Santi!


What is the Santi Max Heating Set?

The Santi Max Heating Set is a fusion of 3 components that when used together along with your quality drysuit create a warm, safe, and comfortable dive condition that supports your desire to explore year round at any dive destination you choose! The three components include; the Extreme BZ400 Heated undergarment, an E/O drysuit connector, and heated gloves. All components of this set are CE certified and tested rigorously.


The EZ400 Heated Undergarment

The EZ400 is the next generation of undergarments, featuring a construction of 420/g thinsulate. This unit will keep you warm during your dive even when the batteries are low or dead. The cutting edge heating wire is synthetic to resist heat and cuts. In addition the wire is silicone coated to resist cracking or breaking. Adding to the safety factor is an emergency on/off switch to prevent you from overheating when you encounter strong currents that require some kick power to get through or when you get above that thermocline!


Drysuit Connector

The drysuit connector features Santi’s proprietary technology, and is only for use with Santi drysuit heating products. The connector accepts a standard E/O connector and routes it through the inflator valve on the drysuit to provide a secure, watertight, and worry free connection. Accepting “Apeks” and “SI Tech” inflator valve screw sizes, this connector will work with almost every drysuit on the market!


Heated Gloves

The Heated Gloves by Santi are designed to be used with the above components and provide gentle and well distributed warmth. This configuration allows a diver to wear the gloves under the dry gloves without additional valve and dangers associated with internal batteries. The heated glove is made of a warm and breathable fabric that will provide you with warm digits even if the heating element is turned off!


If you’re anything like us here at Dive Right In Scuba, you’re getting pretty excited about this set up as well as the prospect of cold water diving! Ah, think about it…uncrowded dive sites, great visibility, warm coffee after the dive and the camaraderie of diving with like minded folks! So, give us a shout here at the shop if you want to check out the Santi max…or just to chat about cold water diving! We love it like that Drill Sergeant loves push ups and running!