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Being situated where we are in the Midwest and just off the coast of Lake Michigan, the crew here at DRIS find the use of a drysuit for diving to be a necessity. With that, over the years we have become industry experts in drysuits and the accessories that go along with them. We love hearing stories of our happy customers who have extended their dive season and adventures by making the investment in a quality, well fitting drysuit. To keep up with that tradition, we pride ourselves on only carrying the highest quality drysuits from reputable manufacturers. after all, the amazing dives experiences of our loyal customers depends on it! Recently, a new drysuit model has graced the back door or our warehouse with its presence and we can’t wait to tell you about it. So, allow us to introduce you to the Hollis BTR 500 Drysuit!


The Hollis BTR 500 Drysuit, A Closer Look


Upon grabbing one of these suits and removing it from the bag my first impression was that this is one tough feeling drysuit! The trilaminate material has a bit of a different feel to what I was used to so I grabbed a laptop and looked up the specifications on it and what the good folks at Hollis had to say about it. According to them, “The new BTR 500 drysuit uses our latest Butyl Trilaminate Ripstop material to produce a lightweight but very durable suit. Everything from the material to the taping has been fine-tuned and optimized to make the BTR 500 an absolute pleasure to dive in, whether you are at 30ft/10m or 330ft/100m.


The BTR-500 uses our specially developed 600g/sqm Butyl Trilaminate Ripstop material which incorporates a 140g/sqm High Decitex Nylon 6.6 Ripstop external lining for optimum tear, puncture and abrasion resistance that has the benefit of a easy clean and wash down finish. The internal lining is made from a patented coated that maximizes water integrity and seam tape adhesion as well as making the suit easy to get in and out of. The internal coating also make suit repairs exceptionally easy.


As with all our suits each panel that makes up the BTR-500 is cut on the bias of the material to increase the stretch and flexibility of the material by up to 15%. This, combined with clever panel designs makes this front entry suit especially easy to get on without the need to struggle to get the neck seal over the head. A composite zip maintains flexibility in the torso and is protected by a Velcro secured flap.”


All of that just substantiates my first impressions of this suit that it’s sure to be a contender in the championship ring of high quality drysuits. Priced at a modest 1499.95 you can add one of our DRIS signature warranties and have a worry free drysuit for years to come without having to pull from the kid’s college fund or take out a second mortgage! So go ahead, let us get you fitted up and put one on the truck to your front door! You’ll be happy and dry, we guarantee it!