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Ever since I got into diving many years ago I have fancied myself a bit of an equipment nerd. With that in mind working at DRIS for me is likened to a kid working in a candy store with no shelves out of reach. Oftentimes I find myself perusing the shop and noting that sense of excitement when a new piece of equipment rolls off of the truck and into our warehouse. This instance is no different. Prior to DRIS partnering with Halcyon, I have only had the opportunity to witness at a distance the awe inspiring equipment this crew from High Springs, Florida churn out. So, the other day I pulled one of their recreational BCD’s off the shelf for a closer look. With the chuckles of the rest of the crew here in the background(they knew what I was up to), I unwrapped the Halcyon Traveler BCD for an in depth inspection. So, let’s talk about a few of the things that I noticed shall we?


Quality of the Halcyon Traveler


Upon first holding the Halcyon Traveler BCD I couldn’t help but notice the amazing quality of the materials and construction. This thing sure isn’t your regular BCD. With a solid feeling nylon backplate and integrated single tank adapter, the traveler system feels like it could take whatever even the most intrepid of divers could throw at it. The aircell contains 30 pounds of lift and the material used in its construction has a nice tough feel to it. moving onto the harness, you can see that nothing was skimped in the construction of the webbing including the cinch system, as wella as black, aluminum, hardcoat D-rings designed to reduce weight. Even the stylish blue “H” is present. It is clear to see that the level of detail and research that has put Halcyon at the pinnacle of dive equipment is not lost on this BCD.


Functionality of the Halcyon Traveler


Like it’s namesake, the Halcyon Traveler is designed for just that….travel. With features like the above mentioned aluminum hardcoat D-rings to reduce weight and it’s compact size, the traveler is a lightweight champ weighing in at just under 6 pounds! The 30 pounds of lift of the aircell allows for higher volume steel cylinders and up to 12 pounds of weight to be worn in its unique integrated weight system. Synonymous with Halcyons reputation for functionality, a number of accessories are readily available to make the Traveler fit your style of diving.


The Final Word on the Halcyon Traveler


Overall, I was pleasantly impressed with the Halcyon Traveler BCD. From it’s build quality all the way across the board to it’s light weight and functionality the Traveler BCD is sure to be a crowd pleaser for the discerning, globe trotting recreational diver. So go ahead, give us here at DRIS a shout and check out the Traveler! You can’t go wrong with our “No Hassle” return policy backed by Halcyon’s high level of quality and service.