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Here at Dive Right In Scuba we pride ourselves on only working with top quality manufacturers. In fact it’s been one of the foundations of our business model since day 1. When we began designing our in house line of equipment this tradition was continued when we sought out the best designs and materials for equipment that would bear our name. One of these items that has passed muster for quality and innovation is the DRIS Dive Gear 1000 Lumen Dive Light.


No Cheap Plastic Used Here!


All of our signature dive lights are made from high quality materials, no cheap plastic that will wear out and crack here! The DRIS Dive Gear 1000 Lumen Dive light is manufactured from XML T6, a high quality aluminum that provides a tough, robust unit at a light weight. Even the lens is high quality and strong 5mm glass that provides a leak and shatterproof housing for the CREE LED bulb. The robust 2 o-ring construction provides a large sealing surface for the twist on/off activation so you can be assured that the light will not flood! This tough package will assure you of a working light all the way down to a maximum of 360 feet of depth! The 1000 Lumen Dive Light also features attachment points that allow for easy mounting onto your BCD or the shoulder straps of your BP/W. In addition the compact package makes for easy hand mounting with our goodman glove!


A Compact Powerhouse!


The DRIS Dive Gear 1000 Lumen Dive light is built on the same platform as our 500 lumen model, this thing cranks out the power in handheld light! In addition, This light can also safely be used on the surface. The twist head design allows the light to be turned on or off and due to the aluminum design, it doesn’t automatically turn on at depth. With an 11.5 degree beam angle, and a nice spill, this adds a lot of light for your dives!! With an impressive 5 hour max burn time on 3 C cell batteries, this light will illuminate the way for an entire day or more of diving before you even need to consider swapping out the power cells.


With or Without the Warranty


Included in the affordable 60 dollar price tag is our 30 day warranty backed by our no hassle return/exchange policy! Get the light and don’t like it before you get it in the water? No problem we’ll take it off your hands and refund your payment. Get it in the water within the first 30 days and it doesn’t work for some reason? No sweat, we’ve got you covered. We also offer an extended 1 year warranty on the 1000 Lumen Dive Light for an additional 25 dollars. Yes, that means for 85.00 you can get this powerhouse AND a 1 year warranty!


So go ahead and give the DRIS Dive Gear 1000 lumen Dive Light, or any other part of our signature equipment line a shot. You’ll be happy or we’ll make you happy!