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In our neverending quest to better serve our customers, we are always on the lookout for feedback about what divers want and need. We then take that feedback and apply it to our product offerings. With that in mind one of the most common questions and requests from our customers is “what is a good, affordable entry level backplate and wing solution?” In response to that request, the equipment gurus here at Dive Right In Scuba put their heads together and came up with an awesome solution to that question. Their creation was the DRIS Dive Gear 28lb BP/W system. This system is a fusion of some of our best components brought together for one simple, robust, and affordable package we hope will please the novice and hardcore veteran alike. So what makes up this system? Well, let’s take a quick glance at the individual components at play here.


The Trilanta 28lb Wing


The DRIS Dive Gear 28lb Trilanta wing presents the diver with a clean and streamlined profile. The 360 degree donut shaped bladder allows for even distribution of the air bubble with minimal “taco effect”. With a 1600 denier Cordura outer cover and a 15mil Urethane inner bladder, the Trianta is sure to hold up to even the harshest dive environments.


Harness Options


The DRIS Dive Gear 28lb BP/W System comes standard with the Light Monkey DIR Harness. This harness is inline with the basic Hogarthian style of diving with a single strand of webbing, D-rings, Sliders, Stainless Steel Buckle, and Crotch Strap. Of course, we offer a number of upgraded harness options with this BP/W package to allow for a fully customized system for long term diving enjoyment.


Backplate Options


With this BP/W system we have given you the option of the HOG Aluminum or Stainless Steel backplates. The stainless steel plate weighs in at 6 pounds and is an excellent option for divers who enjoy cooler waters where substantial exposure protection are a necessity. The aluminum backplate is a lightweight contender at a mere 2 lbs and is an excellent choice for divers who travel or venture into warm waters. Both backplates feature a robust construction and numerous tank band options and placement locations to help you get trimmed out in no time! Also, as an option you can select a Hollis Stainless Steel Backplate for a modest additional charge.


Cam Bands and Single Tank Adapter


We round out this awesome system with a set of Highland Stainless Steel Tank Bands. These tough bands feature a stainless steel buckle and an adjustable hoop system that separates the buckle from the hoop allowing for easy cylinder changes. This system also features the HOG Stainless Steel Single Tank Adapter to allow for an easy, solid, and roll fre connection of your cylinder.


As a final “cherry on top” to this system, divers who would like can add a Hollis Backplate Pad to their system! As you can see, much thought has gone into creating this tough, and simple system to suit our BP/W divers’ needs! Of course if this system isn’t perfect for you, give us a shout and we will build you one that is!