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Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality and safest SCUBA equipment out there. We not only sell dive gear from particular manufacturers, we form strong and long lasting relationships. With that in mind, we value our friendship with all of our equipment manufacturers and periodically we spotlight our partners. In this edition we will be talking about our friends at Dive Rite.


History of Dive Rite

Established in 1984 by cave explorers and instructors Lamar Hires and Mark Leonard, Dive Rite sought out to fulfill a need for exploration quality dive equipment that could survive the harsh environments of the caves that dot the subterranean landscape of Northern Florida. In those times there was no other manufacturers designing and making equipment suitable for exploring underwater caves. In fact, many cave explorers made their own equipment. This is how both Mark and Lamar started off. In the beginning, Dive Rite started with a core catalog of a mere 13 products. In 1997, Lamar purchased Dive Rite and since then has grown the company to a large, global SCUBA equipment manufacturer with a current catalog of over 300 products. Still an active cave explorer and cave instructor, Lamar along with his Son, Jared can often be seen at the various dive sites in Northern Florida personally testing the equipment that they’re about to release to the public. It is that type of dedication to both research and development as well as the dive community in general that keeps Dive Rite in the position as one of the top manufacturers of quality dive equipment.

What does Dive Rite make

I’m sure that at this point you’re asking “what kinda stuff does Dive Rite make?”. The easiest answer is “everything” and this isn’t just a lip service answer! From the  TransPac XT That allows you to customize BCD to the O2ptima rebreather that can be used for the most extreme of extended range exploration and everything in between. These good folks in Lake City have got your diving needs covered!



Need a quality regulator? Dive Rite has the XT1 First Stage and the XT2 second stage. The XT Regulator welcomes a new generation of regulator performance at Dive Rite. An elite performer, the XT’s advanced, patented design earns top marks from Mike Ward of Dive Lab. With work of breathing at less than 1.0 J/l, the XT performs right alongside premier regulators on the market today.



How about BCD’s? If you like to travel take a peek at the Travelpac, a lightweight contender at a mere 6 pounds it is sure to have you through airport security and on your flight quick. How about something a little more modular that will grow and adjust to your changing diving needs? Couple the ubiquitous Transpac XT with any of the number of wings that Dive Rite makes and you have a versatile dive swiss army knife!


As you can see, we here at Dive Right In Scuba value the quality of equipment put out by the hard working crew at Dive Rite and are constantly seeing new things come out of their facility among the springs of the Sunshine State!