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While purchasing a drysuit and the training to safely enjoy the warmth of diving without the annoyance of being wet involves a significant investment, oftentimes many stop there at an experience that is far from being as amazing as it could possibly be. It is a proven fact that a diver’s hand warmth is the one factor that can shorten an otherwise awesome dive experience. So why wouldn’t you make a small additional investment in your diving to ensure that every dive is nothing short of awe inspiring? There are a number of great options on the market for drysuit divers to keep their hands warm and their dives long and comfortable, so lets talk about a few of them.

Who would have thought? Glove systems that actually keep your hands dry while offering an outstanding level of thermal protection! Here at DRIS we carry systems like the Quick Clamp Dry Glove System that requires no alteration to your drysuit whatsoever. You simply click the rings onto your existing latex wrist seals, add some gloves and hit the water! Yes, it’s really that simple. For some more info on the system check out this video. Another amazing system is the Glove Lock Dry Glove System that is by far the easiest dryglove system out there! With features like a no alignment needed, 360 degrees swiveling connection and big inner diameter for ease of donning this system will serve all of your cold water diving needs. See for yourself and check out our video here. For the outer dryglove portion the diver can easily replace ripped, torn, or worn out gloves at the dive site with a couple of tugs and clicks. Tearing outer gloves often? No problem, replacements can be had for about the cost of a cup of post dive coffee! Regularly finding yourselves in different diving environments without the desire to remove your dryglove system? No worries, we offer glove liners in fleece as well as merino to keep those hands toasty no matter what.

Finally, let’s discuss the “best” option. For those intrepid divers who dive under ice or in places where most are found by the fire with a warm drink, as well as those(like me) who chill easily. We’re talking heated glove systems which are a simple add on to the dryglove system. These offer toasty battery powered warmth for those dives you really love to do! You know, the cold and clear ones! With a system like theSanti Heated Glove System and stocked here at DRIS a “dive season” could easily be a thing of the past!

So, if you own a drysuit and are still using those smelly, wet gloves…what are you thinking? If you want an endless dive season and hands that still have feeling in them after a dive, take a look at the above options, and remember that we’re here to answer all of your diving questions. We’ll gladly join you for a post dive coffee too!