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As I wipe the crumbs from the last of the Girl Scout cookies off of my keyboard and flowers are beginning to bloom, let’s dive(no pun intended) into a quick discussion about fitness for diving. While there are some who are lucky enough to have a year round dive season, most of us have a long and dry winter to endure. During those long winters, the pounds pack on and physical activity usually slows to a near halt around early March. Does that mean you can’t get yourself back into shape for an enjoyable and safe dive season? Surely not! So, lets take a look at a few things you can do to make sure you look decent in that wetsuit and can physically handle your next dive adventure!


What You Eat


First, let’s take a look at what we are eating. Let the kids finish off those Girl Scout cookies and reach for a tasty apple instead! Maintaining a whole food diet is the best way to regain your health and shed those added pounds quicker than any “fad diet” out there. The best thing you can do is make a trip to your local farmer’s market if where you live has them. If not opt for fruits and vegetables that are in season and local to where you live. That guarantees their freshness as many have 3-5 day shipping lags before they even make it to the back door of your favorite grocery store. If you’re the carnivorous type like I am, reach for lean meats that are cut in the store and not pre packaged or frozen options that are often chock full of unnatural preservatives. The best advice I ever heard when it came to nutrition is to shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store. Trust me, your waistline will thank you for it.


Move Your Body!


Next, we will broach the topic of exercise. It’s no secret that the human body wasn’t meant to sit at a computer all day, it was actually designed to run 40 miles a day and kill Saber Tooth Tigers bare handed. Yeah I know that the latter statement doesn’t apply to us in the modern era but it’s surely something to think about. While most aren’t fans of the hardcore workout gyms popping up in warehouses around the world, but there is something to be learned from them. For most of us our first excuse for not getting up and moving around is time. Well, you’re in luck here because recent studies have shown that short and intense workout sessions pay dividends in improving one’s overall health. With that in mind, oftentimes all it takes is 10-20 minutes a day to get your body back in shape…provided it’s intense. As a suggestion, set a timer for 10, 12, even 20 minutes and do sprints, throw some pushups and situps in between laps and you have yourself a powerful and quick training session. Mix it up and keep your body guessing, this will add resilience.


Do It!


In conclusion, you are not the only one who winter has taken a toll on physically as many of us are in the same boat. Now that the snow is melted and the birds are singing again it’s time to steam up a natural and tasty meal, and get our bodies moving once again. We have a dive season up ahead to enjoy. With that the crew here at DRIS will be getting our pump on taking care of your orders, getting them on the truck as fast as we can!