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Most divers simply recognize us here at Dive Right In Scuba as an online dive shop. While we are that and pride ourselves on providing the best dive equipment at fair prices around the globe. We are also a local brick and mortar dive shop that provides a full suite of services. One line of services that most don’t know, we offer repair, service and regular inspection of dive equipment. Housed within our brick and mortar shop is a top notch full dive equipment service repair facility. Staffed by experienced technicians who are also active divers. We offer our repair services not only locally but to any diver around the world. Most importantly, we thoroughly service their equipment with only factory recommended components and at a fair price. With that in mind let us tell you why you should use us for your equipment repair needs and answer some common questions.


Doesn’t it take longer with shipping involved?

While shipping is a consideration when it comes to time, most locations it’s only a few days each direction. We can make up for that by having the proper parts and components for just about every major equipment manufacturer out there in stock and ready to go. That usually makes up for the shipping time because we don’t have to wait for the parts to arrive from the manufacturer, and have a dedicated team that only works on repairs. We get your dive equipment and start to work getting it back to factory specifications. In a hurry? Don’t fret, we also offer front of the line service for a small added fee.


It will cost me more with shipping fees!

Yes, the cost of shipping will add a few bucks to the up front cost of using Dive Right In Scuba for your equipment service needs. We, however make up for that with fair pricing. In addition, we harness our buying power to get parts for less and pass those savings onto you. We even take this a step further by offering discounts for regular servicing and allowing us to service your equipment at the manufacturer’s specified service intervals.   You will also have the piece of mind knowing that your equipment was repaired by some of the best in the industry!


Do you know what you’re doing?

Our repair staff is well trained and factory certified to perform service and repairs on most major brands of dive equipment. They stay busy with over 700 drysuit repairs, 650 regulator repairs, as well as a number of other repairs yearly. In addition each repair undergoes a rigorous quality inspection to ensure you are diving equipment that is safe and within manufacturer specifications. Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll take you for a video tour of our facility!


All of our repairs and service come with a guarantee of workmanship and are oftentimes completed within 7-10 working days. If you need it quicker, opt for front of the line service! Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we are all active divers who know how to keep your equipment in proper working order. We simply want to be your local dive shop…no matter where in the world you are!