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Many divers in their quest for the perfect drysuit often spend hours scouring online stores, visit their local dive shops, and make their eyes go crossed looking at the small print of various size charts put out by the many manufacturers of these gems of cold water diving. These divers then will figure out what size they need and place their order, crossing their fingers and doing a rain dance in hopes that the suit will fit well when it arrives on the big brown truck. What if I were to tell you that there was another option to ensuring that your suit will fit you well? An option that would allow you to order the truly perfect suit for you and not just one that happens to line up with your measurements on the size chart? Well, excercise a little patience dear reader…we’ll get to that in good time. First let me talk a little about the first option I spoke about.


Ordering A Drysuit “Off The Rack”


For many divers, ordering an off the rack “fits good enough” drysuit is a viable option. Perhaps they are one of the lucky who happen to fall in line with what the size chart states. Also, they might be honest with themselves and recognize the fact that they do happen to put on the “winter 15” around the midsection just after the holidays. The possibility also exists that they simply think that a custom fitted drysuit is simply out of reach financially. All are acceptable reasons for ordering a drysuit in a stock size. However, ordering a custom drysuit does remain a viable option and is easier and a great deal more inexpensive than you might want to believe.


Ordering A Custom Fitted Drysuit


So if you fall into the above categories and an off the rack drysuit is a decent option, great! But what if a custom fitted suit is simply better than a “decent” option? Well, I guess the diver who fits perfectly within the size chart can keep his stock suit. Of course I know that I’m not one of them…the weight room and my love of craft beer see to that! How about the diver who knows that they gain the extra few pounds from the cookies and ham at the holiday parties? Well, who said that a custom fitted suit has to be form fitting? Or perhaps that diver may be interested in a drysuit material that has a little stretch to it? Yes those do exist! Oh, I see you in the back….shaking your head and grumbling about the added cost. Ok, let me address your concerns. Most often a custom suit is not as expensive as you think, will fit better allowing you for more enjoyable diving, and can even be cheaper in some instances when the only off the rack suit for you is the super expensive model!


How Do We Size You Up From So Far Away?


We get this question almost daily. Simply put, we use technology and experience! So say you are having an issue taking your measurements, well we will jump on video chat with you and talk you through it visually. Believe it or not we do this pretty regularly and our wizardry shines here. Also, our years of experience and thousands of online suit sales has given us the background necessary to tweak our order and measurement forms to make it a simple and painless process. Still not convinced? Go ahead and schedule a video fitting with one of our experts. I can guarantee you’ll be impressed!