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Anytime a customer here at Dive Right In Scuba asks what is the best undergarment.  We most often ask them about they type and temperature of water they will be diving in. This is because there is no one best undergarment for every diver out there. If that were the case we would only carry that one and make life a great deal simpler for everyone…including us! In all reality, choosing the right undergarment is an important and sometimes painstaking task. Of course, the crew here at DRIS are well trained and ready to help make that decision a great deal easier. So, let’s look at some of the factors to consider when choosing the right undergarment for you and the diving you will be doing.


You Will Most Likely Need More Than One Drysuit Undergarment

Yep, I know you didn’t want to hear that but it rings true…unless you only dive in one place and that place is within the same temperature range all year long(both water and air). I mean, would you wear a ski jacket in Miami in the summer, or board shorts here in Chicago in January? The same rule applies for dry suit undergarments. Most often, experienced drysuit divers own a few sets of undergarments…one each for warm, moderate, and cold temperatures. Of course, if your initial budget forbids this we recommend buying an undergarment for the waters you dive the most. You can add the other ones later.


One Piece Or Two Piece?

When you shop for a drysuit undergarment, you will notice that they come in one piece and two piece ensembles. If you ask 10 different divers which one they prefer you’ll most likely get 11 different answers. I know, I know…the math doesn’t quite work with that statement but you get the point. It’s a matter of personal preference. Most often you will find that one piece drysuit undergarments are simpler(less pieces), easy donning, and don’t ride up at the midsection leaving a strip of chilled skin on your lower back. Two piece undergarments are easier to be mixed and matched as well as good for base layers underneath thicker loft style undergarment suits.


Custom Or Off The Rack?

Yes, that’s right…you can get a custom fit drysuit undergarment right here from your friends at Dive Right In Scuba! I know, I know…I see you out there thinking “why would I need something custom fit that’s just going UNDER my drysuit?” Well, bear with me for a second ok? You went the extra mile to ensure that your drysuit fits you well…even resorting to a custom fit for that bad boy. Why would you want to do anything less with something that’s designed to be worn against your skin and carry the task of keeping you warm and comfortable? Just imagine an ill fitting undergarment bunching up or even worse, squeezing underneath your drysuit when you’re trying to execute perfect trim, a frog kick, or even a valve drill that is a safety thing? I know I would want a drysuit undergarment that fits me just as well as the drysuit itself. Who wants to be uncomfortable or even unsafe on a dive? I sure don’t!


There you have it, some of the most important considerations when choosing a drysuit undergarment. So, let the team at Dive Right In Scuba get you into the best(and warmest) set up for all of the diving you do!