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If you’re like most divers, your SCUBA dive season comes to a screeching halt right about the time the kid’s Halloween Candy starts running out. After that comes turkey, holiday parties, cookies, and ham. At that point you still have a few good months before you can once again dig out that dive equipment for another glorious season of underwater adventures. So, what do you do in that off time? While you can surf the various scuba forums out there, visit your local dive shop, and dream about new equipment on the Internet…there’s even more you can do to ensure your next dive season is nothing short of amazing. What is it you can do? Well, let me give you a hint…it involves getting off the couch! Yep, I’m talking about getting yourself moving. While I’ve traditionally been a big fan of weightlifting and strength sports. I am also guilty of settling in on the couch for a good Netflix binge while the white stuff falls outside. I know that throwing on the workout gear is a must do. So, let’s take a look at some fun stuff to do to avoid huffing and puffing when you do once again don your dive rig shall we?




No matter where you are, most larger fitness centers have swimming pools, and what better activity for the avid  SCUBA diver to do than a few laps? Swimming has been long known to work every muscle group in the body while keeping the heart healthy. A huge benefit for us divers is that being a strong and proficient swimmer can save our lives! Oh, and you don’t have to worry about getting all hot and sweaty! So, throw on the trunks and move around that pool for 30 minutes a few times a week. You can show off your skills when the current kicks up and your dive buddy can’t keep up!


Strength Training


While the actual act of the SCUBA dive is pretty chill, it’s the getting into and out of the water part that gets most of us. Yeah, most of us hate lugging our gear around, walking down to the water, wrestling with that boat ladder in high seas, and loading the car. All of these things require a decent amount of body strength. In addition to that, being physically strong helps your body’s general health. So grab some weights and move them. It doesn’t take much….20-30 minutes a couple times a week to do a full body circuit! Or you can just move your dive cylinders around the garage…if that’s your thing!


General Cardio Training


Not a fan of swimming or have no access to a pool? Well, there’s still plenty you can do. Go for a walk, a jog, take the bike for a spin, jump some rope, or even do burpees in your living room. Just remember the general guideline of 30 minutes a few times a week. So, get that heart pumping a bit.

Of course it’s always prudent to get your medical provider to give you the thumbs up before starting any fitness program. We at DRIS are cheering you on in your fitness adventures and will be here when you need that smaller BCD or wetsuit!