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Here at Dive Right In Scuba, we pride ourselves on our vast selection of drysuits and scuba accessories as well as our relationships with drysuit manufacturers. With this in mind, it is no secret we often get asked by our customers, “Which drysuit undergarment material is best for me?”

Which Drysuit Undergarment Material Is Best For Me?

Most of those customers are buying their first drysuit undergarments and are often suffering from the initial sticker shock of the cost. Hey, we understand…a good quality drysuit undergarment material isn’t something that comes cheap.

Just about every suit will require a quality drysuit undergarment and (trust us on this) the cost of the suit, undergarment, and accessories will seem but a distant memory when you take that first dive in total comfort. In our normal spirit of being helpful, allow us to hit the high points of each type so you can get back to diving!

Why Are Drysuits and Drysuit Undergarment Materials Important?

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While underwater diving is an incredible experience, our bodies aren’t naturally made to be there. This means there are multiple factors that make it difficult to be submerged at increased depths for long periods of time such as increased pressure and decreased temperature. 

The way to combat this in scuba diving? Choosing the proper drysuit undergarment material to ensure your maximum comfort level!

Drysuits serve as deep, underwater exposure protection in scuba diving. By creating a barrier between the diver’s body and the surrounding water plus insulating with warm drysuit undergarment materials, this allows scuba divers to safely and comfortably enjoy their diving adventures.

Unlike wetsuits, which allow a thin layer of water to enter and then trap and warm it, drysuit undergarment material is extremely watertight. This prevents any water from seeping in, allowing them to be used in colder water conditions where drysuit undergarments can further provide adequate insulation to keep a diver comfortable.

What Type of Drysuit Undergarment Materials Are There?

When staying warm and dry is the name of the game, there are certain materials that are better than others. Consider the following list of drysuit undergarment alternatives when trying to choose the warmest drysuit undergarment materials for your dive!

Is Fleece A Good Drysuit Undergarment Material

This is one drysuit undergarment material most of you have experience with, especially if you’re the outdoor type. We all know fleece to be soft, comfortable, and easy on the packing space. Of course, not many know that it has a great application as a drysuit undergarment material.

In addition to the benefits listed above, fleece has amazing inherent moisture-wicking properties. This comes in handy when you either sweat or have a leak in your suit…it keeps the moisture off of your skin. Also, with its lack of “loft” many divers find it to be useful as a base layer when in frigid waters, as a sole drysuit undergarment solution in moderate temps, or when wearing a more form-fitting drysuit.

Use Scuba Drysuit Undergarments Made from Loft

Loft undergarments are a great solution for those frigid waters where a more robust warming solution is necessary. These undergarments are similar to a camping sleeping bag in design. All that is needed for a little added warmth under a drysuit is a puff of air or argon to “loft” the material. This type of drysuit undergarment material is best used with a thin moisture-wicking base layer.

You Won’t Get Too Cool With Merino Wool

Merino wool drysuit undergarment material is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture and sweat away from the skin, a phenomenon known as wicking. The fabric is slightly moisture-repellent (keratin fibers are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other, allowing the user to avoid the feeling of wetness.

Incompressible Is The Newest Drysuit Undergarment Material 

The newest player on the field of drysuit undergarments is the incompressible type material. Labeled with product names like “Spacetek”, these materials are designed to not compress with depth.

When wearing a scuba drysuit, this equates to less air or argon having to be added to the suit for warmth. This allows the diver to be less buoyant…thus requiring a little less lead on the weight belt. In addition, incompressible materials provide space-age moisture-wicking properties as well as more insulation where it’s needed, like the body core.

As you can see there are a number of options when it comes to what material to use for your drysuit undergarment. With that in mind, the team here at DRIS can surely get you set up with exactly what you need.

DRIS’s Top Drysuit Undergarments, Brands, and Products

With how important drysuits and drysuit undergarment materials are, we wanted to make sure that our dive family has an impressive selection to choose from when it comes to the best drysuit undergarment products and brands!

What Are The Warmest Drysuit Undergarments?

We have lots of options when it comes to the warmest drysuit undergarments. Our dive equipment experts can help you choose the best drysuit undergarment material for you. 

Increase your dive time with our top drysuit undergarments:

  1. Arctic Package
  2. BZ400 X
  3. Duotherm II 300
  4. Pro V3 Heated Vest

Need more options? Check out our top drysuit undergarment dive gear brands:

  1. Fourth Element
  2. Santi
  3. Bare
  4. DUI

Other Accessories To Pair With Your Drysuit Undergarment

When it comes to diving, your body isn’t the only thing you should be worried about keeping warm. With these other drysuit accessories, you can be sure that every inch of you is prepared for the dive of your life:

From the top of your head to the tip of your toe, stay prepared with high-quality exposure dive gear and more from DRIS’s amazing selection. Plus, there’s no need to be afraid of wreaking in a new product – our drysuit repair services allow our repair team to be in-house and here to help!

Scuba Drysuit Undergarments On Sale

Wondering why you should buy a drysuit undergarment from DRIS online? You could get a discount!

DRIS offers sales practically year-round. With a sales page for high-quality in-stock items, we also feature discounts on returned items. Since they have never been used, this allows you to get drysuit undergarments from the top brands at a fraction of the cost!

On the lookout for a big sale? Mark your calendar for our annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. With major discounts on loads of items, the warmest drysuit undergarment at DRIS could be yours! This sale includes our top scuba gear drysuit undergarment products plus drysuits, rebreathers, fins, tanks, snorkeling gear, and more. 

Check out our Black Friday page, sale page, and used items page to see what’s available!

Stay Dry and Enjoy Your Dive With Top Drysuit Undergarments from Dive Right In Scuba 

Experiencing the wonders of the underwater world in colder environments can be made comfortable and safe with the right drysuit undergarment material. Whether you are new to diving or a seasoned professional, drysuit undergarments from DRIS (Dive Right in Scuba) keep every diver dry and enhance the overall diving experience.

These specialized drysuit undergarments, combined with well-designed drysuits, offer exceptional thermal insulation, versatility, and protection against water’s chilling effects. Don’t let the cold slow you down! With drysuit undergarments from DRIS, divers can explore colder waters while staying warm and enjoying longer, more fulfilling dives.

So, equip yourself with the right scuba gear, stay dry, and dive into an unforgettable underwater adventure with confidence and comfort.

Contact our professional customer service team today to order your scuba drysuit undergarment and more!