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Aaron Weese built his first website in 1997 as a means to show off photos from his Navy deployments. In 2001, he taught himself HTML 2.0 and CSS “just for fun”. He then went on to obtain a degree in Web Programming and Network Support. Upon completion of the college program, Aaron started a Bail Bond agency and put both his self-taught and formal education to work and built his businesses’ web presence and digital marketing campaigns for the next decade. In addition, Aaron was always available to his business colleagues for consultation and support of their digital marketing campaigns. In 2013, Aaron decided it was time for a career change. With that, he began applying and evolving his skill set in the freelance world by helping businesses and organizations develop a vibrant and profitable web presence. Aaron’s philosophy on building a solid digital footprint are simple; “Just speak to your clients, let them know that you are human and are there to help them. There is no magic pill or formula….just convey your message and relate to your audience.” When not coding a website or writing content with iTunes on full blast, Aaron enjoys kayaking, exploring shipwrecks and underwater caves, as well as home brewing beer. See the goods at

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